21 Lazy Husbands Who Took The Term "Weaponized Incompetence" To Astounding New Levels

    Printing the divorce papers as we speak.

    1. This husband who tempted fate with his cereal bowl placement:

    A bowl on the edge of the sink

    2. This husband who was SO CLOSE to changing the toilet paper, then just didn't:

    Toilet paper above an empty roll

    3. This husband who turned his side of the car into a trash pit:

    Trash on the passenger side of a car

    4. This husband who keeps opening new jars of jam before finishing old ones:

    A bunch of unfinished jars of jam

    5. This husband who thinks scraping egg residue out of the frying pan and into the sink equals cleaning:

    Egg particles in the sink

    6. This husband who just wanted to be able to say he put the silverware away:

    Silverware in disarray

    7. This husband who viciously opened the toothpaste box:

    A box torn open

    8. This husband who leaves his takeout containers in the microwave after eating:

    A styrofoam plate in the microwave

    9. This husband who "left some for his wife" so he wouldn't have to clean the container:

    Food in a storage container

    10. This husband who has his own special way of opening up a box of tissues:

    A box of tissues opened from the side

    11. This husband who destroyed this helpless tortilla package:

    A tortilla package ripped open incorrectly

    12. This husband who is working on his reading comprehension:

    Screenshot of a text conversation

    13. This husband who earnestly said he finished all the painting:

    A badly painted wall

    14. This husband who left his dirty clothes *so close* to the laundry basket:

    Dirty clothes on the floor next to a hamper

    15. This husband who didn't refill the ice tray because "it wasn't empty":

    An ice cube tray with only a couple of cubes

    16. This husband who didn't technically finish the grapes:

    Two grapes left in the package

    17. This husband who was tasked with organizing the tea bags:

    Tea bags in disarray in a basket

    18. This husband who leaves his dirty clothes strewn across the floor where his partner walks to get to the bathroom:

    Dirty clothes on the floor

    19. This husband who promised to save some Oreos for his partner:

    One Oreo left in the package

    20. This husband who went goblin-mode on this resealable bag:

    A resealable bag ripped open

    21. And, this husband who left the table a crumby mess after his meal:

    Crumbs all over the table

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating