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I Am Seething With Rage After Reading These Messages From The World's Most Entitled Parents

I hope their kids have better manners than they do.

1. This parent who is offended by the color purple: 

2. This parent of a toddler who _needs _to go to a rock concert:

3. This disrespectful demander: 

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4. This parent who is probably a pain to live by:

5. This genuinely terrible person whose kids I pity:

6. This aggressively pushy parent: 

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7. This parent who would like a salary for raising their own kids:

8. These Halloween hagglers: 

9. This parent with a seriously problematic plan: 

screenshot of a posted question

10. This babysitter's nightmare:

11. This picky parent who barely pays: 

12. This parent who wants their babysitter to have a freakin' Bachelor's degree:

13. This parent who may have misunderstood how throwing a party works:

14. This parent who pays criminally low rates: 

15. These roommates from hell:

16. This parent who wants a scapegoat: 

17. This parent who asked for something off the menu:

18. This parent who thinks $2/hour is an acceptable rate to pay a babysitter:

19. This parent who shouldn't have made any promises:

20. This crappy commenter who has some ridiculous standards: 

21. This parent who won't pay:

22. This privileged, petty parent who is just asking to get pushed in the pool: 

23. This parent who wanted special treatment:

24. This parent who wants you to pay to nanny her kids:

25. These parents with a weird request:

26. These parents who want you to do literally everything in exchange for almost no money:

27. This whiny parent who wanted more:

28. Finally, this horrible hashtag user: 

Thank you r/ChoosingBeggars for all the infuriating content!