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If You Work In Healthcare, We Want To Hear The Misconceptions About Your Job

Time to clear some things up.

Healthcare is a complex field with countless jobs spanning across many avenues and specialties. It's wildly misunderstood as well. Some people will sadly never have the privilege of proper healthcare, while others berate, abuse, and dismiss the very scientists, doctors, nurses, and other workers that try to help them.

an empty exam room with paper over the bed ready to see a new patient

If you currently work in or have ever worked in healthcare in any capacity, now is your chance to dispel any misconceptions surrounding your job, the industry, etc.

Whether you want to set the record straight on a popular myth, educate readers on your lesser known role within healthcare, or just provide context to something people often misunderstand, your input is welcome and valued.

Please share your story in the comments below or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.