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    Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, Here's The Halloween Candy That's Best (And Worst) To Eat


    Hello friends, spooky season is upon us yet again!

    Nothing gets me in the Halloween spirit quite like chilly evenings, pumpkin patches, and oh yeah, CANDY.

    As a former child, I'm qualified to give you a ranking of the best and worst candies to receive while trick-or-treating. Grab your pumpkin-shaped buckets, because it's time to get into some candy!

    pumpkin candy bucket

    50. Jawbreakers

    assorted jawbreaker candies

    49. Now and Later

    bag of sour now and later candies

    48. SweeTarts

    box of sweetarts

    47. PayDay

    payday candy bar

    46. Jolly Rancher

    various jolly ranchers

    45. Laffy Taffy

    strawberry laffy taffy

    44. Popcorn Ball

    bags of popcorn balls

    43. Nerds

    box of grape and strawberry nerds

    42. Peppermints

    bag of peppermints

    41. Mr. Goodbar

    mini Mr goodbars

    40. Junior Mints

    junior mints

    39. Smarties

    packs of smarties

    38. Ring Pop

    various ring pops

    37. Airheads

    various airheads

    36. Blow Pop

    bag of blow pops

    35. Baby Ruth

    mini baby ruth bars

    34. Pop Rocks

    various pop rocks

    33. Whoppers

    box of whoppers

    32. Starburst

    various starbursts

    31. Skittles

    bag of skittles

    30. Milk Duds

    box of milk duds

    29. Candy Corn

    bag of candy corn

    28. Krackel

    mini krackel bars

    27. Rolo


    26. Tootsie Pops

    bag of tootsie pops

    25. Dots

    box of dots

    24. Mike and Ike

    box of mike and ikes

    23. Mounds

    bag of mounds candy

    22. Almond Joy

    bag of almond joy

    21. Reese's Pieces

    bag of reese's pieces

    20. Tootsie Rolls

    bag of tootsie rolls

    19. Sour Patch Kids

    bag of sour patch kids

    18. Haribo Gummi Bears

    mini bags of haribo gummies

    17. Crunch

    mini crunch bars

    16. 100 Grand

    bag of 100 grand bars

    15. Lifesavers Gummies

    bag of lifesavers gummies

    14. 3 Musketeers

    bag of mini 3 musketeers candy

    13. Hot Tamales

    box of hot tamales candy

    12. Take 5

    Take 5 bar

    11. Twizzlers

    mini twizzlers

    10. Swedish Fish

    bag of swedish fish

    9. Butterfinger

    bag of mini butterfingers

    8. Milky Way

    7. Kit Kat

    mini kitkat bars

    6. Hershey's

    mini hershey's bars

    5. Snickers

    bag of mini snickers bars

    4. M&M's

    regular and peanut M&M's

    3. Reese's

    bag of reese's cups

    2. Heath

    bag of mini heath bars

    1. Twix

    Oh, how I miss trick-or-treating. Nothing beats a bucket of candy! Well, I'm dying to know what your favorite Halloween candies are. Do you passionately agree or disagree with my ranking? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, ~if you dare.~

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