16 Funny And Wildly Relatable Period Tweets That Made Me Feel Very, Very, Veryyy Seen

    "I'd like to unsubscribe."

    Let's just take a minute to commiserate over how much periods suck, and laugh at our shared trauma:


    Wait until men find out that our periods bluetooth.

    Twitter: @KaroroMitchelle


    Fox / Twitter: @romanrochelle


    Me: I’m PMSing and everyone bugs me. Husband: You should do the Calm app. Me: You should do the STFU app.

    Twitter: @itssherifield


    Whyy can't periods just last for like an hour like i got it i'm not pregnant now you can leave

    Twitter: @hashjenni


    Starting your period after a mini mental breakdown is so embarrassing, urgh PMS fooled me once again, the shame, the tragedy.

    Twitter: @HenaJBryan


    why is everything so easy for men???? no pms???? no periods??? no brain???? nothing just vibes

    Twitter: @BanoYaarBasKar


    Lol If I'm pmsing honestly jus take my phone

    Twitter: @sza


    the first two days of your period is just you fighting for your life fr

    Twitter: @marryyyammmm


    whenever i start very emotional and frequently hungry i checked my period calendar and it makes sense

    Twitter: @nnsantsha


    I’m PMSing nobody move breathe or touch me

    Twitter: @laurDIY


    starting ur period then realising why u were crying at the sky for no reason for a whole week prior

    Twitter: @aree97777


    i’ll never get over how we get periods MONTHLY..................i’d like to unsubscribe

    Twitter: @fakechanel


    period pain on the first day is literally near death experience

    Twitter: @arfaarehman


    when u get out of the shower on ur period & it’s a race between you, time, and gravity

    Twitter: @JUMPSUlT


    guys that r grossed out about girls getting their periods are lame. i'm sure your mother was praying to get hers but got you instead, tragic

    Twitter: @Doughbvy

    16. Finally...

    Kalin Elisabeth / Twitter: @Ceraadi

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