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    19 Screenshots Of Wildly Entitled People Who Nearly Ruined The Holiday Season With Their Bad Attitudes

    "My kids won't have a Christmas this year, thanks to you."

    1. This two-part tree drama:

    A Facebook post asking for a live Xmas tree; they're recovering from bankruptcy so they can't afford one, but this is their first Xmas in a place of their own
    Same person posts photo of a lovely real tree w/the message that it was given to them but it's not the kind of tree they want, so they're passing it along and are still looking for a free one that's taller and fuller

    2. This person who wanted strangers to take their kids for Christmas:

    Person asks if someone can watch their kids for free and give them gifts because they'll be w/relatives they haven't seen in a while, and respondent says it's a wonder nobody called CPS on them yet and the "family" probably isn't family at all

    3. This person who needs a PS4 to spend quality time with their kids:

    In response to a request for a PS4 so her sons can "play with mommy," person says the forum is supposed to be for people in need of "clothes and beds and love," not a specific game system; woman says her oldest wants his own to play online with her

    4. This person who really had me in the first half, not gonna lie:

    Person who says they're a skilled veterinary nurse may be available to house or pet sit, but they'll need access to a car, a well-stocked fridge and pantry, and preferably a pool

    5. These neighbors with some nerve:

    My neighbor decorates for the holidays; it's nice but it's the same decorations for the past 20 years! How can I nicely tell them we want something else

    6. This person who asked for a present:

    Person is selling computer, person says they don't have $350, person says it needs an internet recovery so they could do it for $250 or even $225, and person says they can't give it to them, like a free Christmas present?

    7. This person who just wanted someone to clean up for them:

    Person posts a picture of a decorated, lit Xmas tree with gifts around it, says they're selling a "slightly used tree" for $100, but the person has to remove all lights and ornaments, pack them up and take them to the basement, and clean the needles first

    8. This person who went the "guilt trip" route:

    Single mother offers $800 to person selling something for $1,200 that they paid $2,800 for, and asks how this person feels knowing that they ruined her two kids' Christmas, and they say they don't give a shit about her kids' Christmas

    9. This person who asked for quite the discount:

    Person asks if someone will take $500 for a painting, since it's Christmas, and person responds that they can't do a discount of more than 50%
    Person responds that they see it more as getting paid for a piece rather than a discount, and they won't have the $500 another day, "just letting you know"

    10. This person who decided to do their Christmas shopping...on Christmas:

    Person offers $14K cash for a $20K car (nonnegotiable) on Christmas Day, and buyer tells them not to run their son's Xmas and what's their bottom line; when told it's $18,181+GST, they say "You're a dick"

    11. This nightmare parent who is definitely raising a spoiled kid:

    A kid from a child's school put everyone in the class on a group chat and demanded a Xmas gift or $20 to got AirPods, and when the parent complained to their mother, she said the kids are selfish, their parents are horrible, and her kid's Xmas is ruined

    12. This person who wouldn't just pay the $12:

    Person asks for free logo design for their site, and when person says that'll be $12, they ask if they can do it for free since it's Xmas, and when person says no, the person says "your drawings are shit anyway"

    13. This couple who is in desperate need of a free Christmas tree:

    They need a white or chrome fridge, good-size Crock-Pots, and a white 6-foot Xmas tree with lots of decorations—everything MUST BE FREE and must be brought to them 'cause they have no transportation, please and thanks in advance

    14. This sticky sticker situation:

    Person was offered a sticker at Coffee Bean but said no 'cause they don't go often enough, and when person behind them demanded their sticker from the barista, who said no, they went back, asked for their sticker, then left and threw the sticker away

    15. This person who is canceling Christmas over $20:

    Person offers $10 for an item the seller won't take less than $20 for (or $25 if delivered), then says now their kids won't have a Xmas; seller says they're not responsible for their life choices that prevent them from affording $20 for their kids' Xmas

    16. This person who wanted their Facebook friends to fund their Christmas gifts:

    Person asks 8 friends and family to pitch in $45 each for a PS4 and Xbox One S for their kid, or 10 for about $35 each—or, if they must, just the PS4, which would only mean 8 friends and family pitching in around $20 each

    17. This person who resorted to name-calling:

    Person offers 1,000 pounds for a piano selling for 2,000 pounds that someone else offered 1,500 pounds for, and when told no, they say the person is a scumbag  and a scammer taking people's money near Xmas

    18. This person who wanted something free, all in the name of Christmas spirit:

    Person asks if someone selling an iPhone SE for $125 Canadian will give it to them for free "in the spirit of Christmas" because theirs just crapped out and they just started a new job, and then gets an attitude 'cause they get no response

    19. Finally, this person who posted their family's wish list on Facebook:

    Person giving very detailed instructions for how to buy someone else Xmas and birthday gifts, with each person being assigned 2–4 specific gifts  for Xmas and her birthday, w/each gift about $50 per holiday

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