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    50 Entitled People Who Prove We Are Living In The Worst And Stupidest Timeline

    "In search of a housekeeper who will accept payment in Mary Kay products."

    1. Oh my GOD, this fake friend who deserves to be blocked:

    2. This Hunt's hater:

    3. The person who had the gall to post this request:

    4. This customer who doesn't seem to know how stores work:

    5. This hopeful, hungry Facebook friend:

    6. Sheeeesh, this person who won't offer payment:

    7. Whoever is trying to initiate this delusional transaction:

    8. The mastermind behind this manipulative plan:

    9. This disappointed fan of yard sales:

    10. Whoever wrote this job listing that just gets worse and worse:

    11. This lady who wants YOU to pay to do manual labor:

    12. This person who just has soooo many favors to ask:

    13. Whoever thought it was appropriate to solicit gifts from their Facebook friends:

    14. This person looking for a farmhand who PAYS to work:

    15. This Marketplace mess:

    16. LMAO — umm, the person who should just hire a freaking landscaper instead of playing these silly games:

    17. Whoever thinks free lumber is adequate payment for tearing down a WHOLE HOUSE:

    18. This person who got owned in the comments and did NOT like it:

    19. Whoever posted this entry-level job description asking applicants to have 10-plus years of experience:

    20. This rude neighbor who expected cookies and cash:

    21. Ughhh, this Twitter twit with terrible logic:

    22. This fool who wants to pay in crappy exposure:

    23. This person who expected a whole delivery service:

    24. Whoever made this ridiculous request:

    25. This frantic futon customer:

    26. This woman who got trolled in the comments and did NOT handle it well:

    27. This beggar who tried to (unsuccessfully) guilt the seller:

    28. This horrible haggler:

    29. Umm, whoever seriously posted this on the internet without a second thought:

    30. This brutal baby shower host:

    31. The customer who went through a lot of trouble to demand a discount:

    32. Whoever thinks they're entitled to a mobile haircut for a measly $10:

    33. This guy who just realllyyy idolizes Ikea:

    34. This person who doesn't see how the two things they're comparing are vastly different:

    35. This person who wants a deep clean and NOTHING less:

    36. This life coach who honestly needs to get their life together:

    37. Whoever thinks they're gonna find a live-in caretaker/handyperson who also has to pay rent:

    38. This person who wants a birthday discount:

    39. OMG, this annoying local model who is getting married:

    40. This beggar who has clearly had enough:

    41. The passive-aggressive pain in the butt who decided to pop off here:

    42. This Wi-Fi freeloader with a lot of audacity:

    43. This haggler who had no hope:

    44. Ughhhh, this coffee crook:

    45. Whoever made this unsettling ad:

    46. This person who just needs you to buy them a tarp real quick:

    47. This blender beggar:

    48. Haha, this person who's really pushing their luck:

    49. This "friend" who really just wants a favor:

    50. And FINALLY, this parking lot mullet guy:

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