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    22 Entitled Parents Who Tried To Use Their Kids To Get Special Treatment And Free Stuff

    I wouldn't be shocked if some of these "parents" didn't even have kids at all! 🤔

    1. This parent with a rather robust wishlist:

    2. This parent who tried to bring Jesus into her negotiations:

    3. This parent tried to make the seller video chat their kid:

    4. This parent who wanted their coworker to play Santa Claus:

    Text stating, "you could get yourself and your kids something nice for the holidays"
    Text from mother stating "it would make their day if mommy gave them something nice like this!"
    Angry mother texting "you're gonna ignore me? During the holidays!"
    Text responding, "lol forget it. thanks for the karma"

    5. These parents who clearly aren't in a place to have a pet:

    6. This parent who wanted a lash appointment so badly, she volunteered her daughter to be an impromptu babysitter:

    Text stating, "I don't want to go elsewhere. I can bring my daughter she's 16 she can watch them for the hour if you need."
    Text stating "My day with my kids is very important as well and I don't know when I'm coming back..."
    Text stating "Worst customer service."

    7. This parent who specifically needs a nice new phone because their kid doesn't sleep through the night:

    8. This parent who needs a white kitten for their kids:

    9. This parent who realllllly wanted to get a free PS4:

    Text from mother stating, "they're really struggling I'm trying to help atleast get them the 1 thing they want."
    Long text from mother
    Text responding to mother, stating "sorry I only donate under those conditions"
    Text from mother stating, "and still have a 5 month old that needs diapers wipes and everything."
    Text responding to mother stating, "You can always make him cry in the corner."
    Text responding to mother stating, "Get your fiancee to do it."

    10. This parent who won't just buy their kid a freakin' donut:

    11. This parent who got caught in a lie:

    12. This parent who crafted a very devious plan with her kid:

    13. This parent who instantly turned to insults:

    14. This parent who expected the seller to accept their low offer just because of their kid's birthday:

    15. This parent who ruthlessly tried to manipulate a friend:

    16. This parent who seemed to think they're the only person in the world who's struggling:

    Text conversation negotiating prices
    Peson responding to mother, "I'm sorry you're struggling but I'm working right now."
    Text from mother responding, "But what about me"
    Text from mother, responding "fuck you"

    17. This parent who conveniently also had a kid's birthday coming up:

    18. This parent whose kids won't be having a Christmas this year:

    19. This parent who needs a TV to win his kids over apparently:

    20. This demanding, aggressive parent who felt entitled to free labor:

    Text from mother saying, "I promised it would get done by the time she gets back from her dads"
    Text responding, "And did you want a similar thing to the one..."
    Text stating, "Did you want the same colours as well or did you want to change them to match the rest of ____ room?"
    Text responding, "I did but ______ is my God daughter and I did it for her birthday."
    Text from mother stating, "That should be more than enough just to paint some flowers on the wall."
    Text from mother, stating, "Cunt!"

    21. This parent who got real angry real fast:

    22. Finally, this parent who's in the market for a free phone:

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