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    34 Screenshots That Prove Influencers Are Out Of Touch And Out Of Control

    Please, just make it stop.

    1. This emoji-loving influencer:

    2. This influencer with poor taste:

    3. This influencer who made a "funny" joke:

    4. This bridezilla influencer: 

    Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock 

    5. This _Bachelorette _influencer who was looking to freeload:

    6. This influencer with an Instagram AND YouTube channel:

    7. This influencer who sounds awful to work for: 

    8. This influencer who wanted free flowers:

    9. This influencer who wanted free clothes from a small brand:

    10. This influencer who asked for free food from a restaurant that was struggling due to COVID-19:

    A message that says, "We would like to know if you would be interested in organising a partnership for us to post a review of your meals in our page. Hope to hear from you soon!"
    A message thread showing a person asking what the partnership entails and the response that they would be giving free food to the page admins and posting a review for them
    A message responding, "Think about your actions and consider changing your model. Exposure does not pay rent or staff"

    11. This "published model and actor" who wanted free art:

    12. This influencer who was looking for something quite specific:

    13. This influencer who wanted two tattoo sleeves for free:

    14. This influencer who wanted to have a fun time on a yacht:

    15. This influencer with fewer followers than the person they were begging from:

    16. This influencer who had to eat their words: 

    17. This influencer who could ruin your business in a heartbeat!!!!:

    A thread of messages where an influencer is asking for free clothes
    A message thread where the influencer is threatening to ruin the business owner's business and the business owner responds that they will report the person

    18. This influencer who wanted a free camera crew:

    19. This influencer who thinks everyone is dispensable:

    20. This disappointed influencer: 

    21. This influencer who had a lot of nerve: 

    22. This influencer who claimed to be supportive but clearly isn't:

    Texts from a reviewer saying they're insulted that the business owner won't send free products
    The business owner politely responding, "Thank you. Stay blessed," and the reviewer asking, "Are you serious?"

    23. This influencer who thought begging for free food was the same as offering up a collaboration:

    24. This influencer without actual influence:

    25. This influencer who wanted to look good for free:

    26. This influencer who could use a lesson in manners: 

    27. This influencer who must have a lot of friends to think this is a good trade: 

    28. This influencer who misunderstood the purpose of a charity event: 

    29. This influencer who has an attitude: 

    30. This influencer who really should pay people for their work:

    31. This influencer who is looking to build a team (who they probably won't pay): 

    32. This influencer who wanted to live the high life: 

    33. This influencer who just wanted to rack up free items:

    34. Finally, this influencer who wrote a self-promo instead of a review:

    Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for the endlesssss anger!