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25 Entitled Relatives Who Will Make Even Your Family Look Tame

You can't pick your family...

1. This ghastly grandkid: 

2. This malicious mom: 

3. This outrageous aunt: 

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4. This crappy cousin: 

5. This sister who only cares about swimming:

6. This uncle with high expectations: 

7. This brother who bargained for more: 

8. This sister who didn't want to do the work: 

9. This cousin with some debts: 

10. This parent with a perplexing plan: 

screenshot of a question

11. This problematic parent: 

12. This mom who made a list: 

13. This sister who played the "sister" card and failed miserably: 

14. This cousin-in-law who offered up a crappy swap: 

15. This aunt who asked for too much: 

16. This sister who should probably shut up: 

17. This ungrateful uncle: 

18. This horrible half-brother: 

text screenshot

19. This cousin who has some serious audacity: 

20. This betting brother: 

21. This aunt who always wants favors: 

22. This confusing cousin: 

23. This sister who wants her old job back: 

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text screenshot

24. This brutal brother: 

25. Finally, this cousin-in-law who couldn't commit:

Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for making my family look pretty damn chill.