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Do You Know Someone Who Became A Murderer?

We live in a scary, uncertain world.

It can be difficult to wrap your mind around but every person who went on to become a convicted murderer had a whole life before their crimes. They had friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc.

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When a person gets convicted for murder, those who knew them react and respond to the news. Some say, "I always knew something was off about them." Others say, "Wow, I would've NEVER guessed." It's eerie. Past, present, and future murderers are walking among us.

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Have you ever known someone who was convicted of murder?

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Did you have a childhood friend who ended up behind bars 20 years later? Or did you live in the same neighborhood as a murderer but didn't know until cop cars swarmed their house one day? Did you have a sketchy roommate whom you saw on the news a few years later? What's your story?

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Tell us your story in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community article.