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    15 Times Corporations Did The Bare Minimum And Scammed Christmas Shoppers With Garbage Gifts

    This is getting ridiculous.

    1. This hairstyling doll with a bit of a bald spot:

    Barbie-type doll with a large bald part of their scalp in the middle of their head

    2. These knock-off AirPods that are apparently sold individually:

    A product box showing two earbuds but containing only one

    3. This disturbingly deceptive doll:

    A lifelike doll on the left and a smaller doll with longer hair and looking much older on the right

    4. This tub of hot cocoa that was actually just a packet in disguise:

    A takeout cup with just a box of powdered mix

    5. This mug that SHOULD'VE been full of chocolate:

    An empty mug with just a small bag of chocolates on top

    6. This obnoxious nail kit:

    A large "Magical Nail Pen Art" kit that contains just a few polishes that were visible on the cover

    7. This candle conundrum:

    A large "Merry and Bright" cup that contains just a tiny candle

    8. These deceitful Christmas lights that are mostly just plastic:

    Very small Xmas lights in someone's hand

    9. This disappointing disclaimer:

    Pocket Drone disclaimer says the camera resolution is 1 MP, not 2 MP, the camera is 720 HD, and the battery is 500 mAh, not 550 mAh

    10. This marker madness:

    A marker container that should contain "150 pieces" has an empty section in the center where the label was, so fewer markers and other things, like stickers, instead

    11. This exceptionally empty can:

    A Xmas tin with around 20 straws and just a piece of cardboard inside it

    12. These crappy candies:

    A tin with melted candies inside

    13. This KitKat that fell flat:

    A large KitKat gift container with just one large KitKat bar

    14. This bamboozling bracelet kit:

    A large box of "Shamballa bracelets" with just a few actually inside

    15. Finally, this "pack" of ornaments:

    A transparent pack of "ornaments on either side and a huge empty center

    H/T: r/assholedesign.