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Show Us The Most Cringeworthy Message You've Received On A Dating App

Single and not-so-ready to mingle.

Dating apps, much like any social media platform, give people the unique ability to hide behind a screen and say whatever the hell they want!

Iliza Shlesinger / Via

And people really will say anything.

Some people ask urgent questions.

Tinder message reading, "Do you give exquisite cranium"
Hannah Dobrogosz
Tinder message reading, "Hey, I think I shit my pants, can I get in yours?"
Hannah Dobrogosz

Some are eager to share their hobbies with someone else.

When you reveal you are a female using the internet and don’t message back for 9 whole minutes. Anyone wanna guess what the hidden message was from niceguys

Others are more interested in pushing an agenda.

Tinder message reading, "I don't go to Taco Bell because I value my life. But also isn't it funny how there are no competitors to them? I guess the closest is chipotle but until they get a drive through it's not the same"
Hannah Dobrogosz

But, no matter what, I think we can all agree that dating apps can lead to some cringey conversations.

Being nice first to get to this kind of talk from niceguys

Using the comments below, share with us the most cringeworthy message you've received on a dating app! Remember, it's cool to respect people's privacy and block out names and faces. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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