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    I Am Absolutely Losinggg It At These 17 Christmas Decoration Fails

    I, too, am "dre aiming" of a white Christmas!

    1. This busty tree:

    Wooden gift topper with what looks like rows of breasts on it

    2. These underwear lights:

    City street Xmas lights that look like bikini briefs

    3. This rousing Rudolph who looks more like a Vixen to me:

    Blow-up reindeer with what looks like large breasts

    4. This dumb doormat:

    A doormat with the letters "I / AM / DRE / AIMING / OF A WHITE / CHRISTMAS" in the shape of a tree

    5. This melted baby Jesus:

    "Little berby jersus" caption with a misshapen doll Jesus with arms raised

    6. This special spelling:

    Large letters in front of a large tree in a mall: "AS / STM / CHRI"

    7. This poopy Christmas tree:

    A Christmas tree with a brown wreath that looks like a swirl of feces

    8. This questionable light display:

    Christmas lights in the shape of an erect penis

    9. This Santa duck that's supposed to have rosy cheeks, not Satan eyes:

    A large rubber duck with small pin eyes

    10. This baby Jesus ornament that looks like a thumb:

    A baby Jesus ornament hanging on a tree and looking like half a thumb with a face on the nail bed

    11. This misleading sign:

    A three-way sign: "Santa" "Please Stop" "Here!"

    12. This evil Olaf ornament:

    A scary-looking Olaf doll in a box

    13. This confusing sign:

    "Happy holidays" spelled out in neon lights in a very confusing way

    14. This suggestive setup:

    Streetlights that are supposed to be candles and pine branches but look like penises and scrota

    15. This "wish" sign that definitely looks like "wash":

    A "wish" sign hanging on a wall, with a Xmas tree where "I" should be

    16. This typo:

    "Let is sonw" instead of "Let it snow" on a gift bag

    17. Finally, this saucy snowperson:

    A smiling snowperson with one hand apparently cupping a breast

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign.