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    19 Restaurants That Decided To Traumatize Their Customers With How They Plated Their Food

    I think I've lost my appetite.

    1. This creepy frickin' chicken:

    A cooked chicken placed on a small chair and holding an umbrella, making it look like a tiny person

    2. These mouse traps:

    Rows of mouse traps filled with food and topped with cheese

    3. This unnecessary baggage:

    A burger served inside a bag that says "human organ for transplant"

    4. This scaly setup:

    Small balls of food served inside a fake iguana that has had its back hollowed out to fit the food

    5. This odd choice:

    A monkey head with the top cut off and a bowl of food placed where the brain would be

    6. This plating that would only be acceptable at a Halloween party:

    A cheese plate with the skeleton of a small animal in the middle

    7. This strange act of narcissism:

    A foaming liquid served inside a round plaster cast of the chef's mouth

    8. This sink that makes me think, "Is this sanitary?":

    An order of fries is served inside an actual sink that has been pulled out and is now being used like a tray

    9. This giant antler:

    Fries and dipping sauce lying on a large antler

    10. This scary skull:

    A skull with chicken wings sitting on top of it

    11. This full English in a shovel:

    A large breakfast, with eggs, beans, toast, hash browns, ham, and sausage served on the scooper end of a shovel

    12. This ominous outstretched hand:

    A creepy looking larger than normal fake hand holding what appears to be sushi rolls

    13. This confusing contraption:

    A large wine bottle has been sliced down the middle, leaving it with an open face where pasta is served

    14. This freaky face:

    Food served across a fake face that makes the food look like a blindfold

    15. This impractical spectacle that makes me irrationally angry:

    A full chicken with bacon and other condiments shoved inside a cup; there's too much food for the cup, so it's spilling out the sides

    16. This nasty nest:

    A single piece of meat served inside what looks like a real bird's nest

    17. This roadkill bread basket:

    A loaf of bread served inside a pouch covered in fur

    18. This absolute mess that raises more questions than it answers:

    Two drumsticks served in a bowl on top of a bed of real feathers

    19. Finally, this crime scene:

    Assorted foods served on a large, real animal bone

    H/T: r/WeWantPlates