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If You've Ever Cheated Or Been Cheated On, Tell Us Your Story

Relationships can be messy.

Though it isn't a part of relationships people often want to talk about, cheating does happen. Many people have been impacted by cheating one way or another.

Maybe you were in a committed relationship and preparing to move in with your partner. One night, you got an email filled with screenshots and pictures that proved your partner had been cheating since a month after you met.

Perhaps you were in an unfulfilling long-distance relationship with a partner who wanted to talk less and less. You ended up sleeping with someone else, and though you felt guilty about how it happened, it gave you the strength to tell your partner your needs weren't being met and walk away.

Maybe you cheated on your high school sweetheart when you were 18 years old, but now you're married and you've still never told them.

Whether you've cheated or been cheated on, we want to hear your story. Share in the comments below, or anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.