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14 Times Modern Art Was Just You Hungover

Your medium is whiskey and regret.

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6. When you forgot to hydrate before bed and now you're a dried out husk of regret that's beyond Gatorade's power to fix:


8. When you tried to get out of bed but movement = nightmare head pain so you just stayed in the "about to get up now" position for your lifetime:

9. When you looked at your bank account this morning and RIP everything:

You just hope your landlord will keep their voice down when they evict you.

Inspired by Munch's The Scream.

11. When you had to focus 100% of your human will on not throwing up on the way to brunch:

Roy Lichtenstein / Via

Just hold on until brunch mimosas. Mimos will fix it. Just. Hold. on. (As told by Lichtenstein's In The Car).