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18 Types Of Student In Every College Class

Welcome to College: 101. See attached syllabus.

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5. The Late-Comer

Grade Level: Senior

Distinctive Trait: No matter what time of day or how important the subject matter is, this person shows up, Starbucks in hand, in the middle of the class and not-so-subtly tries to sneak in from the back.


10. The Facebook Fiend

Flickr: booleansplit / Creative Commons

Grade Level: Junior

Distinctive Trait: They are constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure that the TA isn't hovering behind them. You can typically hear them giggling to themselves over photos of their besties taken at someone's 21st birthday party.


13. The Creative Excuse Expert

Hannah Gregg / BuzzFeed

Grade Level: Typically upperclassmen

Distinctive Trait: Will create a reason (however implausible) to email the class roster to get notes from the entire semester.

14. The Captain Of Clubs

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Grade Level: Junior

Distinctive Trait: Can be found cornering younger students in attempt to get them to join an obscure club that they started for the sole purpose of padding their resume.

17. The Sleeper

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Grade Level: Second Semester Junior

Distinctive Trait: Can't manage too keep their eyes open for more than 45 seconds, usually due to working a full course load, a part-time job, and applying for unpaid internships.

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