22 Reasons Why Swedish House Mafia Desperately Needs To Get Back Together

Don’t you worry child, SHM has got a plan for you.

1. They’ve been friends for ages, and that connection shows in their music.

Jeff Kravitz/Contributor / Getty Images

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso met when they were 7 in Stockholm, and Axwell joined them later after a chance meeting.

2. There isn’t a weak link among them.


Tony Woolliscroft/Stringer / Getty Images

Sebastian Ingrosso

Ollie Millington/Contributor / Getty Images

Steve Angello

Tony Woolliscroft/Stringer / Getty Images


From Left:
Axwell remixed “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay.
Sebastian Ingrosso produced “Calling (Lose My Mind)” with Alesso.
Steve Angello remixed “The Island” by Pendulum with AN21 and Max Vangeli.

3. They were born to make music.

Baby Steve knew his musical destiny at the tender age of 1.

4. They made the coolest music videos.

Who else could transport you to a future, utopian racetrack?

5. You couldn’t contain your excitement when you saw those infamous three circles.

6. They’re really goofy and endearing.

Who doesn’t love bothering strangers in an elevator?

Particularly Axwell.

7. They knew how to make a grand entrance.

8. Steve Angello is a modern day philosopher.

Steve Angello / Via

Steve Angello / Via


9. Every one of their shows included a unique shout-out.

Steve Russell/Contributor / Getty Images

At every stop on their tour they showed their local fans just how much they loved them.

They flew native flags at every stop!

They may be Swedish, but you can feel their international love.

10. Axwell knows what’s important in life.

Studio time isn’t used for the speakers. It’s for the food.

11. They were masters at remixing an artist with a totally different sound and making it their own.

View this embed ›

Their twist on “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” by Coldplay made your heart go 128 bpm.

12. And their cross-genre collaborations were sweet too.

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Is there anything they can’t do? No.

13. They couldn’t care less about celebrity status.

Take One / Via youtube.com

14. Their stage set-ups were unbelievable.

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images


Swedish House Mafia played on a gigantic, convex platform outfitted entirely with video screens. The three-tier stage towered over the crowds so that no matter where you were in the venue, it felt like the front row.

15. They had so much fun working in a studio together.

And that’s how music is made, ladies and gentlemen.

16. They loved their fans.

Before Swedish House Mafia took the stage for the last time they used 20 billion pixel camera to take a photo of the crowd. The image was so in depth that fans were able to tag themselves in it, no matter where they were.

17. Axwell always looks ridiculous when he DJs.

Oh, and also adorable.

18. He was totally in on the joke, too.

“Brooklyn I’m all dressed up and ready for you!”

19. They instilled confidence in you.

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20. They had the coolest friends.

David Guetta and Chuckie? Life’s not fair.

21. They made you feel safe.

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22. They loved each other, and we loved them too.

Two years ago, Swedish House Mafia announced that they had decided to break up and each go their separate ways.

This March, Leave The World Behind, a documentary of their last tour, will premiere.

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