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16 Things You May Not Have Known About Cleveland

Cleveland that I love.

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Cleveland Rocks

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1. No matter how bad the teams are you will always love Cleveland Sports


So what if the last time any team from Cleveland won a championship was in 1964? Who cares if the Browns have had 20 starting quarterbacks since 1999. They're our teams and if you insult them prepare yourself for the wrath of a Clevelander.

3. Cleveland has some really great hospitals


For almost 20 years the Cleveland Clinic has had the the number one heart program in the country. In 2013 the Cleveland Clinic was rated in the top 3 hospitals in the country.

University Hospital which is affiliated with Case Western Reserve's Medical School is great and gives med students and nursing students great opportunity to get hands on experience.

4. The Flats


The Cleveland Flats are coming back. Over the last 10 years they've seen new projects and it's great. The Cleveland Aquarium opened in 2012, A Loft Hotel opened around the same time with new restaurants. It's the Cleveland Renaissance.

5. The Cleveland Metroparks


The Cleveland Metroparks are a sprawling forest in the city and surrounding areas. From the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to the hiking trails the Metroparks are something to be seen.

6. Beer


Cleveland LOVES beer. It's a city that loves a good microbrew. West 25th St. is the "brewery district" in Cleveland and is home to Great Lakes Brewing Company and many more including Market Garden Brewery, Nano Brew and Townhall (which doesn't make their own beer but has like 30 on tap).

7. Cleveland Theater


The theater district in Cleveland is the largest theater district in the country outside of NYC. There are 10 performing arts centers in Playhouse Square. So Clevelanders know that we have culture even if other people don't think so.

8. The Westside Market


The Westside Market is over 100 years old and is the largest indoor market in Cleveland. It's a great place to go support local vendors who sell everything from bread to meat to produce.

9. Cleveland Loves Food


There are so many different areas to get great food in Cleveland. From Lakewood to Temont to Little Italy to West 4th there is an almost endless supply of great food in Cleveland. We're also the home of Iron Chef Michael Symon and is home to some of his great restaurants.

10. Cedar Point


Cleveland is only a short drive away from one of the best (the best) amusement parks in the country, Cedar Point. People come from all over the country to drive at America's Roller Coast and anyone from Cleveland can go for a day no problem.

11. Drive-in Theater

The Plain Dealer JOHN KUNTZ / Via

There are only around 350 drive-ins left in the USA and Cleveland has one of them. the Aut-O-Rama just outside of Cleveland is a two screen family owned theater.

13. The Medical Mart


The Cleveland Medical Mart project recently finished and as a result Cleveland has a new convention center in the heart of downtown. This new space is what helped Cleveland win the RNC in 2016.

14. Going Organic


Cleveland has a growing population of organic and locally sources restaurants and farmers markets.

Restaurants like TownHall in Ohio City (a neighborhood in Cleveland) have gone completely GMO free. This is a growing trend in the Cleveland area.

15. Cleveland is on it's way back


Like many Rust Belt cities Cleveland has had its fair share of setbacks, but in the last 10-15 years Cleveland has started coming back. At its lowest Cleveland was impoverished and our river caught on fire. Today Cleveland has a growing economy, a huge population of young people and growing infrastructure.

Keep your eyes on Cleveland. It's going up.

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