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    We Asked That Guy Who Keeps Shouting "Stop Brexit" Outside Parliament Five Questions

    Meet Steve Bray, better known as the "Stop Brexit Man."

    Hannah al-Othman / BuzzFeed

    On Friday, at the end of a wild week in Westminster, BuzzFeed News tracked down the man who everyone has been talking about.

    No, it's not Michael Gove, it's not Dominic Raab, and it's not even Jacob Rees-Mogg. It's Steve Bray, a 49-year-old self-employed numismatist (that's a coin specialist to you and me) from South Wales.

    We asked Bray, who has been outside parliament with an EU flag and a megaphone all week, why and how he's been staging his one-man protest.

    How do you manage to be here every day? Have you had to give up work?

    "For the first year I was self-funded — I sold a chunk of stuff. Now people help keep me going, but I live on [the] bare minimum.

    "I've been at parliament for 17 months now, every day they're sitting. Initially I was getting a lot of abuse, mainly the black cab drivers. I had threats on my life, things like that. You've got a lot of angry people who've voted to leave, and I say, 'You've won, get over it,' but in reality we've all lost."

    You interrupted Jacob Rees-Mogg's press conference yesterday: Have the police tried to stop you protesting?

    "The police have been pretty good actually. I like to think they're all Remainers, but I know there are one or two Leavers among them.

    "They asked me to stop using my megaphone [outside parliament]. They said if I use it, they'll take it off me."

    Barcroft Media / Getty Images

    Jacob Rees-Mogg was very complimentary about you yesterday. How do you feel about that?

    "I haven't heard what he said but I do talk to Jacob Rees-Mogg. I did a little interview with him, walking to his pad.

    "He's a very charming chap to talk to, but his ideology is on another planet."

    Do you really think Brexit can be stopped?

    "Absolutely. I think with the government in such disarray it needs to come back to the people, because democracy can't be undone by democracy. For example, the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland rejected it two-thirds to a third, then 15 months later they accepted it two-thirds to a third. They had time to think, they made changes to the agreement.

    "If people can change their minds like that in 15 months, think what they can do in almost three years."

    Hannah al-Othman / BuzzFeed

    Why do you think that Brexit should be stopped?

    "I've had my career, I've got a daughter, I've got a grandson. I think about future generations and I want them to have the same kind of prosperity or better, thriving with the same kind of free movement with the European Union. We're all better together, and we've prospered through it.

    "The whole world seems to be shifting, to a right-wing swing. I think it's important that we stay central, that we stay grounded and we remember our history and where swinging to the right has taken us.

    "The message I have for people reading this is: Look at our history — we were the sick man of Europe in the 1960s, going into the 1970s. A lot of people who voted [to leave] voted for this nostalgia that wasn't really there.

    "They think we're this great empire in the world. We're not, we're an island, and to close the door to our closest neighbours and allies is a travesty — so think again, and go for a People's Vote."