Lisa Nandy Saying "Towns" Has Become A Meme

    Lisa Nandy is coming to town.

    This is Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan, whose name has been touted as a potential party leader.

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    This is Wigan — and this is the important bit — a town in Greater Manchester.

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    Lisa Nandy thinks towns are pretty important, and you might hear her talking about them a lot. She is a cofounder of the Centre for Towns. Left-wing writers say she can reconnect Labour with towns. She writes about towns all the time.

    In short, Lisa Nandy loves towns.

    And so she has become a meme.

    A meme that has escalated in the best possible way.

    There are mashups.

    an impassioned plea from lisa nandy and pink floyd

    Mid 2000's emo band: I hate this town >_

    old town road, labour heartlands remix ft lisa nandy

    Some very dank efforts.

    .@lisanandy hmu for the campaign song

    pitch to nandy campaign: photo of group of people endorsing your campaign with caption "the boys are backing towns"

    lisa nandy: I promise I won’t start shouting about towns tonight lisa nandy five drinks in:

    Netflix homages.

    And because it's Christmas...

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town feat. Lisa Nandy

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