The Actress Playing The New Kim Possible Has Defended Her Casting After Backlash

    "We love a rising icon."

    Disney Channel has released the first photo of actor Sadie Stanley as the live-action Kim Possible, set for release in 2019.

    FIRST LOOK: So Disney is making a KIM POSSIBLE movie and here’s a first look at Kim in costume.

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    The photo was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the creators of the animated series who also serve as executive producers and writers on the new film.

    From the animated world to live-action – the first look at Sadie Stanley as the iconic character Kim Possible debuted today at @Comic_Con by #KimPossible creators & exec producers @bob_schooley & @ridiculousmark. The Disney Channel Original Movie will premiere in 2019. #SDCC2018

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    However, people on social media have been divided by the reveal. Some Twitter users have said that she doesn't meet up to their expectations of the character.

    THIS is the girl that's suppose to throw hands with shego and win?

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    And think that the new costume falls flat.

    @beyonseh also what in gap kids® hell is that t-shirt??? WHERE is the iconic Club Banana black turtleneck crop top??? WHOMST authorized that spirit halloween looking costume??? 🤧

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    we want the baggy pants, we want the crop top, we want a hoe

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    Some even said that they wish a live-action adaption never happened.

    @DisneyChannelPR I think an animated sequel would have been fine...

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    No one asked for a live action Kim possible movie. JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR. Disney hasn’t made a decent movie since 2006. That’s that on that.

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    Others have mentioned that the 16-year-old actress who plays Kim is an appropriate choice as she's supposed to be a high school student.

    Everyone criticizing this wants a grown ass woman to play a girl in high school like go away you’re not the target audience sorry she’s not 26 years old

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    the fact that y’all wanted 20+ year olds to play little 15 yr old kim possible on a DISNEY CHANNEL movie im

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    if y’all start bullying this teenage KID for playing the part of a teenager because ur fave red head 20 something actress fave isn’t playing a sexier version of kim because it’s a KIDS show i swear to god

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    And some think she's a great choice!

    sadie stanley aka the live action kim possible is so pretty we stan

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    On Tuesday, in response to the negative reaction, Stanley posted a now-deleted tweet saying, "I won't apologize for the fact that my face/body do not exactly replicate the idealized/over-sexualized image of a cartoon character."

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    However, she kept up one tweet in which she expressed her excitement about the role.

    Btw I’m happy, excited, proud, I love myself! I’m lucky to have an amazing support system so that negativity doesn’t affect me too much! I just wanted to put that out there ya know? ❤️

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    We think she makes a great Kim Possible!