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Updated on Oct 2, 2018. Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Create A Black Family Sitcom And We’ll Reveal Your Underrated Personality Trait

What do your casting choices say about you?

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as the casting director for a new TV show that has recently been greenlight by the network.

The specs: it’s a black family sitcom set in New York that pays homage to the shows from the late ‘80s to ‘00s. They’re looking to cast seasoned actors as well as newer talent. Who will you cast to play…

  1. The funny, but slightly strict parent

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  2. The relatable but overprotective parent

  3. The cool, fashion-forward sister

  4. The quirky brother

  5. The "baby" of the family

  6. The British cousin that guest stars for a few episodes

  7. The fun, rich aunt that stops by from time to time

  8. The uncle that lives a few blocks away

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