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11 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up Shy

Because some of us were born with loud minds and quiet voices.

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1. The first day of anything is EXTRA daunting for us.

when the teacher tells you to introduce yourself on the first day of school #GrowingUpShy

Okay but my names on the register, so WHY do I need to repeat it???

2. Remember when people used to come to your house.

when you have visits and your mom calls u to say hi to everyone #GrowingUpShy

There was legit nothing scarier than speaking to your mum's cousin's best friend's brother.

3. Your parents knew how to fill you with false hope in two seconds...

#GrowingUpShy Me: I want some pizza Parents: You can have some Me: YEA— Parents: If you order it urself Me:

Thank goodness for online ordering, amirite?!

4. Remember five years ago when you did that really dumb thing?

That feeling you get when you remember something you did/said years ago #growingupshy

Your brain: WOWWW! That was dumb, wasn't it?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?

Everyone else: Has no recollection of it.

5. Being home alone was all fun and games until this happened...

Me: *chillin at home alone* *someone comes to the door* Me: *sprints upstairs* #GrowingUpShy

*Turns loud music off, puts clothes on, closes all the blinds and curls up into the fetal position under the bed*

6. Remember all those times you had hilarious and witty banter to contribute to a conversation?

finally feeling brave enough to speak up in a group of people but no one hears you #GrowingUpShy

You tried, so it's got to count for something right?

7. There's legit nothing worse than someone bringing up the fact that you're shy...

"why don't you talk?" "you don't know how to speak" "interact with us more" "you're always quiet" #GrowingUpShy

It's okay because on the inside you stood up to them REAL GOOD.

8. Seeing people you knew in public was always delightful.

#GrowingUpShy when u see people u know in public but ur too shy and awkward to say hi to them

"Sorry GTG" you whispered into the night as you disappeared, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

9. Your mum tried to be cruel to be kind way too often.

#GrowingUpShy Mum: "go and ask yourself you need to build your confidence for when you're in the real world"

Me: "Okay mum but today is not that day"

10. You've probably lost count of the amount of times that you've heard this.

#GrowingUpShy if I had a dollar for every time someone told me "you're so quiet"

There are millions of words you could've used to describe me, but you just HAD TO pick the word 'shy' or 'quiet'... thanks!

11. Talking on the phone is still a daily struggle...

#GrowingUpShy what phone calls look like vs what they really feel like

PSA: Please email or text next time, thank you kindly.

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