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    26 Things That TV Shows Lied To Us About, Because They Never Happen In Real Life

    What's with all the gigantic breakfasts?!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the things they always see in TV shows, but barely see in real life, and they didn't disappoint. Here's what they said!

    1. Adult friend groups are constantly hanging out, despite having very different lives and careers.


    "They are always spending so much time together, despite all having different jobs and lives that would definitely cause schedule conflicts. I rarely see friend groups in real-life who are all able to just hang out with little to no planning beforehand."


    "Outside of special occasions, I couldn’t even begin to tell you the last time my entire friend group was able to get or no!"


    "I’m in a friendship group of six (à la Friends) and we’re lucky to all meet up a few times a year as people in our early 20s, never mind every day."


    2. Highschoolers who don't seem at all bothered about their education always get into the top universities.

    The CW

    "Teenagers with very little activities who are never seen doing homework get into top schools like Stanford, Yale, or Harvard, etc. It drives me nuts – most people don’t go to an Ivy League, and that’s okay!"


    3. Anyone with a badass reputation has a penchant for dry-swallowing pills.


    "It's usually the seasoned murder detective types dry swallowing pills. Who does that? Just take it with water, you weirdo. Makes me eye-roll every time."


    4. When a highly strung bride's wedding plans get totally messed up, she ends up being fine with it.


    "The Bride always wants everything to be perfect, only for it all to go wrong and then suddenly she's fine with her perfect wedding going down the drain and ending up marrying in an alley, or abandoned warehouse, or something."


    5. Couples just roll over and cuddle after sex, with absolutley no clean up.

    The CW

    "There's never the awkward moment where you've got to chuck the condom away, or get the bog roll out to mop-up."


    "Gross, but true."


    6. Every member of the family seems to have time to tuck into an elaborate breakfast on a weekday.

    The CW

    "Families have bowls of fresh fruit, waffles, pancakes, jugs of juice and bagels laid out for breakfast every morning – who has time to do all that before work??"


    "When folks sit down for a full breakfast with OJ in a carafe... All before the bus picks them up, or the parents leave for work. On a weekday?!"


    7. Couples make out first thing in the morning, without a second thought of morning breath.


    "Waking up and full-on tongues in kissing first thing after waking up without brushing their teeth – nasty."


    8. Babies are seen, but never heard.


    "Babies are always sooo quiet! Babies in real-life are always making some kind of noise!"


    9. People will order a beer at a bar without ever specifying which kind of beer.

    The CW

    "They order a beer at the bar and they just give it to them without asking any follow-up questions. What kind of beer? What brand? On draft or in a bottle? That's not how that works."


    "When people ask for a pint... I'm screaming at the TV: 'of what?!' What do you want to drink, not how much!!"


    10. Kids decide to solve their town's crimes, and almost always catch the local serial killer.

    The CW

    "High school teenagers are solving intricate crimes that the cops cannot solve. The cops have the evidence, knowledge, have managed to speak to witnesses suspects, and they can't crack the case. But here comes Cassie, aged fifteen, with a group of other fifteen-year-olds solving cases using just a fibre from a scarf she didn't even know existed because it's being held in an evidence lockup... Sure, hun."


    "I can’t recall ever experiencing dealing with murderers throughout my high school career."


    11. And families with self-confessed money troubles still manage to live pretty lavish lifestyles.


    "They'll call themselves poor and still own a five-bedroom house in the suburbs, a yacht, and send all of their five children to private school."


    12. People drink copious amounts of alchohol throughout the day but never actually seem drunk...


    "It happens all the time – people pour themselves multiple large glasses of whiskey or bourbon, and then just get on with their day as if that is normal! They never show the inevitable three-hour nap, and complete waste of the rest of the day as they lie on the sofa watching boxsets trying to recover!"


    13. ...Or when they do have a few too many they have hallucinations, which totally doesn't happen when you drink alcohol.

    NBC / CityTV

    "They'll have actual hallucinations when they've had a few shots of tequila. Do TV writers know the difference between alcohol and hard drugs?!"


    14. No matter how busy the location, the perfect parking spots are always available.


    "The only time there’s ever an issue with finding somewhere the park the car is if the problem is highly exaggerated and part of the plot."


    15. People constantly barge into their friend's houses unannounced.

    NBC / HULU

    "Who does that in?! If you go to a friend's house you’ve either been invited or you asked if you could come over first. It’s almost become bad manners nowadays to turn up at someone’s house without warning."


    "I don't give a shit how close we are, you call ahead, Costanza!"


    16. And really poor phone etiquette is just accepted.

    Comedy Central

    "Everyone hangs up the phone without a goodbye."


    "They just hang up. Rude much?! Also, when people arrange dates and just say 'See you Friday.' Where?! What time?! How does this information get decided?!"


    17. The same goes for people having "secret" conversations that are definitely within earshot of everyone else.


    "They'll walk two steps away to talk about the situation, and act like no one else would be able to hear them..."


    18. When someone gets sick, everyone they know shows up at the hospital.


    "Everyone they know shows up at the hospital and hangs around waiting to find out how they are. People can't just drop everything to hang around hospitals all day – in reality most people might have one or two people waiting for news, but a lot of people wouldn't have anyone.

    Also, characters overreact to every minor medical issue, they treat even the most minor injury like it's life and death. Not every little incident warrants a trip to the hospital (especially in the US where medical bills are wild)."


    19. And it's totally acceptable to go to a restaurant, but leave long before the end of the meal.


    "Ordering a in a bar or restaurant, and then just getting up and leaving when they’ve barely had any. Rips my knitting every time."


    20. Kids constantly give their parents attitude with zero consequences.

    Disney Channel

    "A kid talks sarcastically to their parents and doesn’t immediately get in trouble 😳"


    21. And everyone wears shoes in the house!

    The WB

    "They'll be wearing them all through their house even if they haven’t been out or aren’t going anywhere!"


    "Shoes on the bed is weird – the first thing I do when I come come is take my jacket and shoes off."


    22. Teachers seem to have loads of free time, which they spend hanging out in the staff room.


    "I'm a teacher and I rarely, if ever, have the kind of time teachers in sitcoms or other shows have to sit in the teacher's lounge and have a leisurely lunch, or even just a cup of coffee.

    Most days you're shoveling in that food so fast you don't taste it so you have time to finish and to pee before returning to class. Many times I even worked through my lunch with kids in my room who needed extra help."


    23. While frustrated workers aren't afraid of spontaneously quitting their jobs with absolutely no back-up plan.


    "People are so quick to leave their jobs without having anything to fall back on. They seem to end up wanting to finish or start school for something they’re interested in, without thinking of how they’ll pay for literally anything."


    24. The moment someone's water is breaking is always super monumental and dramatic...


    "I only found out when I was pregnant that just a small percentage of women actually have their water break. I believe the doctor broke mine."


    25. ...But the actual childbirth is often as fast as it is bloodless.


    "The newborns always come out freshly groomed, and I don't think I've ever heard anyone mention the placenta on a show before."


    26. And finally, the lights in the house are always on, all the time.


    "It always annoys me to see characters enter their house and all the lights are already turned on! Don't you pay bills, people?!"


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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