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    Updated on Aug 23, 2018. Posted on Jun 27, 2018

    27 Things Mixed People Know To Be True

    "I'm half and half. Me dad's a muggle, mam's a witch."

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    1. You get to celebrate many different holidays.


    Different religions, holidays and ceremonies, from Eid to Christmas. Double the parties and double the presents.

    2. You get that feeling of panic when it comes to filling out forms.

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    White? Black? Mixed?! So many options...

    3. People always have a weird fascination with your skin tone.

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    Chat-up lines that include the words exotic, rare and unusual are not welcome. We're not zoo animals!

    4. People always want to hear a crazy backstory about how your parents met.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Sorry to disappoint, but they met at a bar in Grimsby.

    5. You're probably a culinary genius that can create delicious fusion meals.

    6. There's always a guessing game about your family background.

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    "Hmm are you not white? You look white... Kinda.. Ohhh, you're mixed?"

    7. And sometimes people entirely skip the guessing game and straight up tell you what you are.

    Lol some idiot tried to mansplain to me, a half multiracial nerdy white girl with 3 siblings, about genetics and hair color. Um nope.

    Yeah, thanks for that. Greatly appreciated.

    8. Someone's definitely said "Omg I want mixed race babies" to you at least once.

    NBC / Via

    I know we're cute, but like, it's a little bit creepy.

    9. You're expected to know everything about both cultures.

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    I don't know anything about the 1912 Delhi conspiracy case, or the Battle of Hastings.

    10. You bring joy to the world through your diversity.

    served ice creams to 3 chinese kids ystdy & their mum said “what do u need to say how did i teach u?” & all 3 of them said “terima kasih” i was so touched?? we need to be more like this teach your kids different languages eventho simple words ni lah baru multiracial.

    Yasss diversity, you're the future.

    11. You're met with shock whenever you introduce your parents to anyone.

    Showtime / Via

    "Oh that's your mum? But she's so blonde."

    12. At family events you sometimes feel like the odd one out.

    Young Money Entertainment / Via

    But you're probably too busy stuffing your face to care.

    13. You support more than one team when it comes to worldwide sport.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    But it also means that there's double the heartbreak if they both lose.

    14. People often make inappropriate comments, not realising they're offending you and half of your family.

    Netflix / Via

    Not cool...

    15. You've probably been told that you "don't look mixed" a few times before.

    WWE / Via

    And what exactly is mixed supposed to look like?

    16. You have a lot to say about the term 'half-caste'.

    Me a ‘half-caste’, ‘coloured’, ‘Asian’, member of the ‘ethnic’ community, daughter of an ‘immigrant’, 18 year old ‘girl’ going off during Paper 2 Question 4 #aqaenglishlanguage

    Lets leave outdated terms like that back in 1982, thank you.

    17. You've experienced confusion over the lack of similarities between you and your siblings.

    if you think you and your siblings look different always remember that the guards in my building thought that i was my sister's multiracial husband for 2 years

    That shit gets tiring.

    18. Your name is often some kind of cross cultural hybrid.

    Channel 4 / Via

    Think Jessica Szohr, Jhené Aiko or Alexa Chung.

    19. You sigh whenever someone says that "mixed" is their type.

    “My type is mixed race girls” ok but we’re not all the same nor do we look the same? Lolllllllll the worst is “mixed race with curly hair” my friend you’re officially cancelled from this point.

    What does that even mean?!

    20. You have a huge range of possible holiday destinations.

    MGM Distribution Co / Via

    You have family all over - from Cairo, Stockholm to Shanghai, the world is yours!

    21. You love that amazing feeling when you see representation in the media.

    My multiracial family just saw #BlackPantherMovie. When I asked my kids their favorite part, their immediate enthusiastic answer: Everything!! This is the movie we need now. All of us.

    It can be so heartwarming.

    22. But there is that gutting feeling when you remember there is still a really long way to go.

    So gutted @nbc have cancelled @NBCTimeless it had strong female characters, a multiracial cast, an openly gay lesbian with a powerful position, family & no tragic background and showed the good/bad parts of history unapologetically. It deserves at least a film if not a 3rd series


    23. You're always expected to just know a language, any language.

    Fascination/Polydor / Via

    No, my Indian parent did not teach me Icelandic.

    24. But there's also a good chance that you might be bilingual.

    ABC / Via

    Which is seriously fun when people have no idea you can understand what they're saying.

    25. You sometimes feel torn when it comes to embracing your heritage.

    being mixed race is hard cause what gang am I gonna join if I go to prison?

    It's a big question.

    26. But you've learnt to celebrate all sides of you!

    Today I have embraced my mixed race-ness by wearing my natural Afro down whilst listening to Come On Eileen. Look at me embracing both my black and white heritage all in one

    27. Overall, coming from a mixed background has made you a pretty well rounded person.

    Island Def Jam / Via

    You're fabulous!

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