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    17 Of The Strangest Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

    Prepare to be creeped out.

    Recently, Reddit user inevitableloudmouth asked people to share the strangest unsolved mysteries they knew, and the responses didn't disappoint – here are the most bizarre ones.

    1. The Circleville Letters.

    A photograph of one of the handwritten letters

    2. The disappearance of the USS Cyclops.

    3. The mysterious disappearance and "reappearance" of Lawrence Joseph Bader.

    A photograph of Fritz Johnson working at television network KETV-7

    4. The Toxic Lady.

    An ER room with medical staff passed out on the floor

    5. The Oakville Blobs.

    6. The Oklahoma bomb and the missing leg.

    7. The murder of the Miyazawa family.

    A photograph of the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan

    8. The missing Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers.

    9. The Salish Sea feet.

    10. The Tamám Shud case.

    11. The disappearance of Lars Mittank.

    CCTV footage of Lars Mittank leaving Varna airport

    12. The disappearance of the Sodder children.

    13. The Tromp family's bizarre road trip.

    14. Lady of the Dunes.

    A still from the movie Jaws – a woman in a crowd wearing a blue bandanna and jeans

    15. Zimbabwe's alleged alien invasion.

    16. The Max Headroom incident.

    A man dressed as Max Headroom, standing in front of a distorted background

    17. The location of Genghis Khan's grave.

    A drawing of Genghis Khan, alongside a photo of the Mongolian mountains

    What unsolved mystery keeps you up at night? Let us know in the comments!