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    24 Questions I, An Adult, Have For Today's Teens

    Why are you still watching Friends?

    I'm not totally out of touch, but I don't know what it’s like to be Gen Z teen. So, at the risk of sounding completely ancient, I’ve got some questions that I really want the answers to:

    1. What’s the biggest trend right now?

    2. What “retro” things are cool now?

    LaFace / Arista

    3. And what’s something that we think is cool, but really isn’t?


    4. What old school trend do you wish would come back?

    Fox / E!

    Trucker hats, anyone?

    5. Do you watch traditional TV?


    Or is it all about streaming now?

    6. What TV programs show teen life in the most realistic way?


    7. And what shows do a crap job at representation?

    The CW

    8. Why do you all still watch Friends?


    I love it too, but It was kinda old when I was a teen – what's the allure?

    9. What celebs do you guys adore?

    10. And what ones get dragged the most?

    Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

    Like, who's just not cool?

    11. Who are your favourite influencers?

    12. What '90s and '00s stars do you still consider celeb royalty?

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    13. Who makes up the slang?

    Urban Dictionary

    And what are some words you would never use?

    14. What’s the deal with Tik Tok?

    These Tik tok kids are evolving 😂

    How does it work?!?!?!

    15. And what other apps do you use?

    Emma Chamberlain / YouTube

    Is Snapchat still a thing? How'd you feel about ye olde Facebook?

    16. Where do you listen to music?


    And who are you listening to?

    17. What do you guys think is a good age to have your shit together?


    What does having your shit together mean to you – career, travel, getting married?

    18. And how old is old?


    I'm 25 – have I already peaked?

    19. How are you all managing to skip the awkward phase?


    You guys look so put together. How?!

    20. I hear you guys are drinking less – what’s up with that?


    What do you do for fun instead?

    21. Is it all about vaping now?

    Kevy, Jwny / JosiahW / BACKGRID


    22. Does anyone date in real life, or is it all about the apps?

    Jojo Siwa / YouTube

    Do true love stories start with a DM?

    23. What stereotype about Gen Z is totally untrue?


    Do you hate that some people see you as Tide Pod eating dabbers?

    24. And finally, what defines your teenage era?

    Girlys Blog

    We had MSN, bad eyebrows, and cringey MySpace pages – what about you guys?

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