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    26 Minor Characters Who Were Way More Interesting Than The Main Ones

    I need a Jean-Ralphio spin-off, for a start.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which minor TV characters totally stole the show. Here's what they said!

    PS. there are minor spoilers for Pretty Little Liars and Queen of the South, so if you're saving them for a binge-watch, you've been warned!

    1. Jenny from Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "Unpopular opinion, but I would love a spin-off about what she got up to when she left for London."


    2. Delores from The Umbrella Academy.


    "I just feel like she had SO much potential but she was only known as Five’s mannequin girlfriend! Like, how did they meet, how did she find the apocalypse, what was life like in her store? I guess we’ll never know. She was by far the most interesting character."


    3. George from Grey's Anatomy.


    "I would watch so many seasons of him in the army just to keep him 💔"


    4. Marshmallow from Bob's Burger's.


    "I mean, there’s so much that’s unknown about her and so much you want to know about her! She a mysterious being."


    5. Luisa from Jane the Virgin.

    The CW

    "She did have a few minor plotlines but she had the potential to have some really big ones. She was even running the Marbella and yet they hardly did anything with that, I was so disappointed."


    6. Sugar Motta from Glee.


    "She had the potential to be one of the top Glee characters but she didn't get a proper story arc and was thrown to the side after season four."


    7. And the show's best dancer, Mike Chang.


    "He was so sweet and a really good member of New Directions, but didn't get much credit! I loved him and how honestly nice he was! Wish he'd gotten more solo storylines, he's my fave character!"


    8. Talia from Teen Wolf.

    The CW

    "She was a minor character who only had a few scenes in the show, but I would've loved to have seen more of her character and her interactions with her family – either through flashbacks or some kind of resurrection."


    9. Stanley from The Office.


    "He had great lines and is undoubtedly funny. Wish we saw more and maybe had some background into him and Phyllis joining the company."


    10. Kevin from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    I love the episodes with him and Holt and they’re just really funny whenever they’re together!"


    11. The Good Place's Judge Gen.


    "I want to see her life on earth!!!"


    "I would watch an entire series about her binge-watching different shows and listening to podcasts."


    12. Benny from Supernatural.

    The WB

    "His and Dean’s bromance was so adorable. But also, at a point in the series when Dean and Sam’s relationship was strained, he was the brother Dean needed. AND THAT ACCENT!"


    13. Fez from Euphoria.


    "He should have gotten his own episode like everyone else, he is so interesting and I was dying to see more of him!"


    "I hope they have an episode dedicated to him in the next season."


    14. Pepper from Modern Family.


    "He always talked about being loaded, as a wedding planner – there's a story there. And he was so lonely before he met Ronaldo, but they never took their relationship to the next level. JUSTICE FOR PEPS!!!"


    15. Lexi from The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    "I loved her character and wish they’d given her more storylines."


    16. Robin from Once Upon a Time.


    "He was a great character and I wish he’d gotten more storylines rather than being killed off."


    17. Finn from Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    "He was hilarious, had an awesome accent, and was a great addition to Rory’s friend group. He had the best one-liners and was my favorite side character by far!"


    18. And The Drangonfly Inn's finest, Michel.

    The WB

    "Probably unpopular opinion, but I think he's so funny. Also, he's like the only character on the show that doesn't have a love interest (if you dont count the revival), so yeah, I would like to know more about his personal life, his dogs and just the way he is when he's at home."


    19. Alex from Pretty Little Liars.


    "I liked her A reveal but I really think that her story was too rushed. I wanted to know more about her story and wanted to see her interact with Spencer and the other characters more. Her whole story is just fitted into the final episode which kinda spoils it. The show would’ve been so much better if they’d done more with her character and not rushed her story."


    20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Hitchcock and Scully.


    "They weren't even included in the shows opening titles until Gina (who isn't even a cop) left! They've only had one episode about them in a flashback and the rest of the show they're always either a mini B plot in an episode or just show up for a throwaway scene to show how dumb and gross they are. They're seriously the underdogs of the show which is so unfair because they should be main characters, but they never get enough love as compared to the rest of the cast."


    21. Candy from Pose


    Candy Ferocity from 'Pose'. She was strong and determined and cared not what people thought of her, plus she was hilarious and brought the comic relief. I would have loved to have learned more about her and see where her story would have taken her before she was murdered.


    22. Brenda from Queen of the South

    USA Network

    "I feel like she should have been by Theresa’s side all the way to the top like Pote is. That scene where Theresa finds her dead kills me 💔"


    23. Hypatia of Alexandria AKA Patty from The Good Place.


    "I love Lisa Kudrow and I would have watched a whole series or miniseries about her."


    24. Ronnie from Schitt's Creek.


    "She's the highlight of every scene she's in, and her feud with Patrick is hilarious."


    25. Donna from Parks and Recreation.


    "They should have done more Treat Yo' Self episodes and should have done more with her "friendship" with Gary. They also should have built more of a relationship between her and Leslie."


    26. And last but not least, the Saperstein twins!


    "The whole Saperstein family were amazing! I need more Mona-Lisa, Jean-Ralphio and their dad in my life. I want to see all of their crazy, zany family antics. I want to see the story behind Mona-Lisa’s “money please!” line. What has happened in the past when she doesn’t get the money? What are some of the other schemes that Mona-Lisa and Jean-Ralphio have pulled to get money, fame, or anything for that matter? What were they like as kids or teenagers? There are SSSSOOOOO MANY questions that need answers."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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