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    18 Kid's TV Shows That Are Actually Entertaining For Adults

    Binge-watching is now a family activity.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the moments they thought TV shows were entertaining to watch for people of all ages. Here's what they said.

    1. Sarah Jane Adventures


    "It dealt with some surprisingly mature topics for a CBBC show, and handled them very well."


    2. Steven Universe

    Cartoon Network

    "It’s a kids show but people of all ages can relate to it. It’s entertaining and very heartwarming. It touches on LGBTQ+ relationships, mental health, and emotions, among other things."


    3. Fuller House


    "It’s nostalgic, kid-friendly, and modern all at once. Plus you can’t go wrong with Uncle Jesse."


    4. Gravity Falls

    Disney Channel

    "It made more sense to me after I had grown up."


    "It's a great show for all ages. It's colourful and humourous with an overarching mystery that keeps you guessing. The main characters are three-dimensional, the villains are genuinely scary, and the themes are mature yet relatable to any age demographic."


    5. Little Lunch


    "My kids love it and so do I! It's a mockumentary-style show detailing the lives of Australian primary school students during their break-time. It's The Office for kids and it is hilarious!"


    6. Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network / Nick Toons

    "Totally magical and fun, with dark themes throughout to keep adults interested."


    "It has really great and complex teachings aimed towards kids but also a lot of adult humour. My husband and I watched it before having our son."


    7. Greenhouse Academy


    "It’s basically the TV show you know you wanted when you were 12, and it’s really hard to not get wrapped up in it once you’ve started. I’ve binged it. No shame."


    8. The Amazing World of Gumball

    Cartoon Network

    "It's hilarious and discusses things everyone at any age goes through."


    9. Malcolm in the Middle


    "Definitely still holds up for watching as an adult!"


    "It's a great one. I was a 12-year-old when it first came out, so I found it incredibly relatable. I started watching it recently because I just finished Breaking Bad, and I'm a HUGE fan of Bryan Cranston (Hal). It's still incredibly relatable, but I relate more to the parents now. Also, it's super silly, goofy, and sometimes cheesy, but also extremely witty and smart at the same time."


    10. Bluey

    ABC Kids

    "It's for really little ones, but I have laughed out loud at almost every episode. I recommend it to any parent getting sick of watching the same cartoons. I think I may like it better than my child."


    "It had my husband and I rolling!"


    11. Horrible Histories


    "I rewatched it when I was in uni (as I had run out of sitcoms to watch) and I fell in love with it again! It's full of references only adults would get, which are bloody hilarious, is educational, and has songs that make it so uplifting and feel good!"


    12. Batman: The Animated Series

    Fox Kids

    "Some of the episodes have really stuck with me, and it's where the character Harley Quinn originated from (animated Harley = best Harley)."


    13. Family Reunion


    14. Rugrats


    "My husband and I are peak '90s Nickelodeon kids, so we've been rewatching all the old shows with our 4-year-old. We get a lot of the adult jokes we didn't get as kids, and our son likes it too."


    15. The Goldbergs


    "Life in the '80s with an overbearing mother, an emotionally difficult-to-reach father, and a legend of a grandpa. Told from the youngest's perspective – it's engaging, funny, with good lessons and morals."


    16. Regular Show

    Cartoon Network

    "I know it’s a few years old but I’m rewatching it and I always get a laugh out of the weird plots and the main characters’ stupidity."


    17. Anne with an E


    "A beautiful interpretation of the books I grew up with."


    "It's light-hearted and entertaining but still has a level of maturity that is educational."


    18. Phineas and Ferb

    Disney Channel



    Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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