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    If "Romeo And Juliet" Was Made Into A Teen Movie, I Guarantee That These 31 Things Would Happen

    Spoiler: In this version, no one dies.

    1. Instead of being called plain old Romeo and Juliet, it would be called something way more ~jazzy~ like Star Crossed.

    2. Romeo would be played by Noah Centineo, and he would be a popular but sensitive senior trying to get into college on a football scholarship.

    3. Juliet would be played by Yara Shahidi, and she would be a shy, straight-A student whose life pretty much revolves around schoolwork.

    4. Shannon Purser would play the modern equivalent of Nurse, and would be Juliet's only friend.

    5. Rosaline would have a much bigger role — she would be Romeo's bitchy ex, and the main antagonist in the movie.

    6. Just like in the original, Tybalt would be Juliet’s over protective, aggressive cousin.

    7. But Mercutio would just be a side character whose only purpose would be to add comic effect with silly one liners.

    8. Friar Laurence would be Coach Laurence, the football coach dedicated to training Romeo for the big game.

    9. Verona would be a quaint but stagnant suburb that all of the characters are desperate to get out of.

    10. Everyone would attend Verona High School.

    11. The Capulets would be a rich, well-respected family, but the Montagues would be the notorious outcasts in the Verona community.

    12. The two families would be neighbours, and they would hate each other for no reason other than the fact that their backgrounds are so different.

    13. Romeo would spend the first 20 minutes of the movie unsuccessfully trying to win back Rosaline, even though she's really horrible and makes Juliet's life hell just for the fun of it.

    14. Instead of meeting at the Capulet ball, Romeo and Juliet would ~officially~ meet at a Halloween Party, thrown by one of the kids at Verona High.

    15. At the party, Romeo would reveal that he's often admired Juliet studying by her window, and because he's Noah Centineo, it would come across as really romantic and not at all creepy.

    16. Knowing their parents wouldn't approve, Romeo and Juliet would date in secret, with the most of their relationship taking place over the phone.

    17. They obviously wouldn't get married, but they'd sneak out of the house and have a cute date under the bleachers in the football field.

    18. By unfortunate coincidence, Rosaline would happen to see the two of them, and would get her revenge by exposing their secret relationship to everyone.

    19. This would result in the huge fight scene between Romeo and and Juliet’s cousin Tybalt.

    20. But in this version, no one would die — Romeo would just get sent to live with his dad on the other side of town.

    21. And instead of forcing her to marry Paris, Juliet's parents would ground her for life.

    22. They’d also take away her phone, which would make it impossible for her to reply to any of Romeo’s calls or texts.

    23. The biggest tragedy would be Romeo thinking that Juliet is ignoring him because she doesn’t love him anymore.

    24. And instead of taking lethal poison, Romeo would be too heartbroken to play football during the big game, ruining all his chances of getting the college scholarship.

    25. About five minutes before the end of the movie, Shannon Purser’s character would sneak Juliet out of her house and take her to Romeo, and they would have a romantic and heartfelt reunion.

    26. No one would bring up the fact that she could have saved everyone a lot of heartache by doing this much earlier on.

    27. Seeing their kids being so in love would inspire Romeo and Juliet’s parents to resolve their differences and end their feud.

    28. Even though none of the movie showed her doing any studying, Juliet would get into the Ivy League school of her choice.

    29. Romeo would miraculously get his football scholarship, despite the fact that he didn’t play in the big game.

    30. The pair would get out of boring Verona, and start a really romantic long distance relationship.

    31. Everyone would live happily ever after.