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Harry Styles Once Again Proves He's A Lovely Guy By Raising $1.2 Million For Charity

What a great guy. 😍

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Just when we thought he couldn't he couldn't get any more lovable, Harry Styles has just given us another reason to love him even more.

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We didn't need one, but we're not complaining.

He's just finished off his solo world tour by showing us how much a good hearted guy he is.

Living up to the tour's theme of treating people with kindness, it raised a massive $1.2 million in donations for 62 charities around the world.

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The donations were raised from a portion of the proceeds from his merchandise and the ticket sales, and the chosen charities are located in the countries that Harry performed in whilst on tour.

The themes of inclusivity and love ran throughout the tour, with Harry dedicating Sign of The Times to victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Thank you so much @Harry_Styles!! Puerto Rico loves you!!❤️🇵🇷😢😥 - R

He also showed support for the LGBT community, and even helped one young fan come out to her mom!

Harry took to Twitter to share a touching closing message.

Thank you to my band, the crew, and all the of you for making this tour so wonderful. Treat people with kindness. Goodbye for now.

Will he ever stop winning our hearts?

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Probably not, and we wouldn't have it any other way.