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    21 Questions I Ask Myself Every Time I Rewatch "Grease"

    Are we meant to just ignore the fact that all of the high schoolers are played by full grown adults?

    First things first, Grease is one of my all time favourite movies, and a total masterpiece when it comes to musical rom-coms. But as much as I love it, every time I rewatch it (which is pretty often), I can't help but think, "this is ridiculous". So, here are 21 things I ask myself every time I see Grease.

    1. Why does Danny wear completely different clothes during the Summer?

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    In all of the flashbacks he's dressed like this, but then he's a complete greaser when it comes to the rest of the movie. Does he have a special pastel wardrobe reserved for when he's trying to charm girls at the beach?

    2. Why is Sandy totally okay with Danny getting way too handsy on the beach?

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    Not cool, Danny.

    3. And if they spent their entire summer together, why don't they know anything about each other, like for example what school Danny goes to.

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    I know they were all about the summer loving, but, exchanging basic information like this would've saved Sandy a lot of heartache.

    4. Is smoking just allowed for the kids at Rydell High?

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    I know it was a different time, but still...

    5. When Danny sees Sonny, why does he punch him in the balls?

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    This is obviously some kind of 1950s cool guy thing that just goes over my head.

    6. Are we meant to just ignore the fact that all of the high schoolers are played by full grown adults?

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    There's no way Sonny's passing for 18, he's clearly not a day younger than 35...

    7. And why are the Pink Ladies so unprepared for school? How do they fit their books in clutch bags??

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    Does no one care about their education at Rydell High? No wonder they all look so old, they've probably been held back years.

    8. Sandy's a new student, so why is everyone so invested in what she got up to over the summer?

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    Who gets up on the lunch table to make sure everyone hears all about their summer, anyway?

    9. And how did the creepy line "did she put up a fight" manage to make it into the movie?

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    And why's Kenickie so excited to ask it?

    10. How did Sandy make it onto the cheer team?

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    Sandy joined Rydell in senior year, and by the looks of the other cheerleaders, the standard is pretty high. Sandy can't even do a basic cartwheel, so how did she make the tryouts?

    11. Why does Sandy give no explanation as to why her family decided to make their vacation into a permanent move?

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    Her family moved eight thousand miles from Australia to America and we get no explanation. I'm sorry, but "we had a change of plans" just isn't enough information, Sandy, we want the details.

    12. Why does Frenchie have so many wigs?

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    Maybe this is another 1950s thing that I don't get, but it seems kinda strange that she has three wigs conveniently lying around her bedroom. They do make a pretty fabulous addition to the sleepover, though.

    13. If Sandy's so hung up on Danny, why does she start dating the football guy about a week after starting Rydell high?

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    For someone who's hopelessly devoted, she sure moved on pretty quick.

    14. Why is Danny so passionate about Kenickie's car?

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    Greased Lightning is a total bop, but it's basically a love song to a car. This is kinda weird, but what makes it so much weirder is that the car doesn't even belong to Danny. I know Danny and Kenickie are besties, but why does he care about his car so much?

    15. And how has Danny made it to 18-years-old without learning the basic rules of basketball?

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    Yes, Danny's a cool guy who clearly doesn't care about sports, but everybody knows that this isn't how you play basketball.

    16. Why didn't Frenchie use a better covering to disguise her pink hair disaster?

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    It's almost as if she didn't have three wigs at home...

    17. Why is the fact that Vince Fontaine is a total creep completely overlooked?

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    No one seems to care that this old man is shamelessly perving on the (underage) students, and then Marty casually drops in that he tried to roofie her! What is going on, Grease?

    18. And are we just meant to ignore the fact that Danny's a serial groper?

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    There are some serious consent issues in Grease.

    19. How did a teacher allow the extremely dangerous car race to take place?

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    It's a race where the other guy's car has spikes coming out of his hubcaps — what kind of responsible teacher would supervise her students taking part in this?

    20. Why does the film end on such a dodgy message?

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    The moral of the story is basically: if you like someone, just change ~everything~ about yourself and also take up smoking, and then hopefully they'll like you back. A great lesson for the kids...

    21. And finally, why on earth does the car fly??????

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    What is the meaning of this? It doesn't add anything to the plot line — if anything, it just makes the movie end on a really random and confusing note. Also, is this the same car from Greased Lightning? Because if it is, why do they fly off in Kenickie's car?! I need answers.