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    21 Graffiti Artists That Are Just As Good As Banksy

    Who knew a printing sign could be so amusing? H/T r/MildyVandalised.

    1. Many people look down on graffiti, but there are some cases where it's artistic, clever, or just plain funny. Like this pesky baby:

    2. Or this traffic light turned meme:

    3. Or this scary wolf, born from peeling paint on a door:

    4. This very important warning:

    5. This throwback to one of the '90s greatest bands:

    6. This picturesque bar scene:

    7. And this questionable advice:

    8. This extra-terrestrial sign:

    9. This creative Christmas decoration:

    10. This printing notice, which is as funny as it is useless:

    11. This mutant toilet sign:

    12. This helpful advice for anyone who needs a bit of encouragement:

    13. This disappointing notice:

    14. This very valuable life advice:

    15. This holy bathroom:

    16. This musical bell that probably had you singing as you read it:

    17. This ominous sign:

    18. This goofy looking CCTV camera:

    19. This thief:

    20. This game of Tetris:

    21. And finally, this less widely known adventure of Harry Potter: