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    31 Times Actors Stepped Out Of Their Typical Genre, And It Went Really, Really, Well

    Jim Carrey in a drama? Yes, please.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the times actors pleasantly surprised them by taking on a role different to the ones we were used to seeing them in. Here's what they said!

    1. Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "I never liked his comedies, and then he does this, and it turns out he's good at drama! And I end up loving a Will Ferrell movie!"


    "It’s much more real and existential than any of his comedies, and it’s such a great movie. Plus, when he buys 'flours' for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character, it gets me every time. So clever."


    2. Robin Williams in August Rush

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "I still struggle to watch that movie because I hate seeing Robin Williams as a bad guy. But he did such a good job and added so much to that amazing movie."


    3. And his role in One Hour Photo

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "This will forever and always be top of my list."


    4. Jack Black in King Kong

    Universal Pictures

    "Definitely a surprise at how good his dramatic acting is."


    5. Bill Hader in IT: Chapter Two

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "His acting was SO amazing. His mix of comedic and dramatic performances? *chefs kiss*"


    6. Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror

    MGM Distribution Co.

    "I read one time that he made the kids leave him alone between filming for preparing for the role and that they were scared of him. I love him in everything, especially The Change Up, and it's a huge difference to see him that serious."


    7. Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky

    Fingerprint Releasing / Bleecker Street

    "I'm used to seeing him in serious roles but I loved him as the wild Joe Bang."


    8. Steve Carrell in Little Miss Sunshine

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "He never loses his signature charm, but this role as a man barely hanging on after a suicide attempt is so stellar. He has some amazing monologues and emotional moments in this."


    9. Jason Statham in Spy

    20th Century Fox

    "I know he basically played a caricature of all of his normal roles, but he was so gloriously hilarious. It's delightful to see him be funny on purpose."


    "He is usually all action and serious but Spy cracked me up and still does."


    10. Tilda Swinton in Trainwreck

    Universal Pictures

    "It was refreshing to see her in a comedy playing kind of a trashy character. I thought she was brilliant in it."


    11. Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "She plays a cynical, aggressive, alcoholic, struggling writer in 1990s New York. Totally unrecognisable. It's a shame she is more known for being the token comedic sidekick because she is OUTSTANDING in this."


    12. Octavia Spencer in Ma

    Universal Pictures

    "When I saw the trailer I was surprised to learn that Octavia was playing the villain – I was so used to seeing her in roles where she played someone super caring, so this was refreshing."


    13. Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

    Paramount Pictures

    "It was refreshing to see him step out of pure comedy and explore drama/dystopia. Plus, he nailed it because it's one of my favourite movies."


    14. And of course, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Focus Features

    "It's easily my favourite movie of all time, and definitely shows that humour isn't his only advantage when it comes to acting. In The Truman Show, he still used a lot of humour, but in Eternal Sunshine he became quite the opposite of himself, playing a boring and quiet guy. It was refreshing to see him so calm and collected, using his dramatics very well."


    "He really showed a not-so-often seen side of his acting."


    15. Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones

    Paramount Pictures

    "His character is absolutely bone-chilling."


    16. Marilyn Monroe in Niagara

    20th Century Fox

    "She’s known for being the breathy, ditzy, blonde bombshell, but her performance in this movie is a complete 180° turn from her more popular movies like The Seven Year Itch and Some Like it Hot. Niagara was a dark thriller, and such a different role for her and she nailed it beautifully. She really was a terrific actor but unfortunately, most people only saw her as a sex symbol.


    17. Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls

    DreamWorks Pictures / Paramount Pictures

    "I'm so used to Eddie playing hilarious slapstick roles, so it was unexpected to see him take on something so dark, and do it so well."


    18. Robert De Niro in Stardust

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    "He was legendary in it."


    19. Kate McKinnon in Bombshell


    "I've only ever seen her play completely comedic roles, so I didn't expect to see her in such a serious film, but she totally pulled it off."


    20. Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "Such a great movie that pulled her in the complete opposite direction from 'Rachel'."


    21. Awkwafina in The Farewell


    "I think everyone was a bit surprised she was cast but she really killed it and proved she could do more than comedies."


    22. Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "I was used to seeing him in action roles, but he really got into character for this one. His acting made me cry."


    23. Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back

    Broad Green Pictures

    "I did not expect that at all from her. The film made me cry, she is usually so goofy."


    24. Mo'Nique in Precious


    "I mean, obviously."


    25. Sacha Baron Cohen in The Trial of the Chicago 7


    "The film is great, and he blew me away – I could not believe he was the same guy that played Borat. He is a seriously underrated actor."


    26. Chris Evans in Knives Out


    "It was fun to see him in a murder mystery."


    27. Donald Glover in The Martian

    20th Century Fox

    "He is one of the funniest people on Community, but then he showed us his serious acting skills."


    28. Adam Driver in Logan Lucky

    Fingerprint Releasing / Bleecker Street

    "He was HILARIOUS!"


    "Any time Adam Driver does comedy it blows my mind how rangey he is."


    29. Chris Tucker in Silver Linings Playbook

    The Weinstein Company

    "Can we talk about his performance? Totally shocked. SO many levels removed from Friday or Rush Hour."


    30. Samuel L. Jackson in Unicorn Store


    "We're so used to his badass persona that that role was a total shock, but I loved it."


    31. Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!

    Universal Pictures

    "It’s such a departure from the gritty, period pieces she’s known for like Sophie’s Choice, Silkwood, and The Iron Lady. Instead, she’s this fun, singing dancing badass and she's clearly having the time of her life playing Donna."


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