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    22 Tweets That Prove That Brits Have The Best Sense Of Humour

    "walking into my room and throwing my cup of tea on the bed instead of my phone just sums my life up really."


    If you're ever embarrassed, just remember, i told my GP i had morning sickness once. I was being dead SERIOUS too. For a long time i thought 'morning sickness' was being sick in the morning, until i was told its to do with pregnancy. Thats an L i had to firm


    Just bought a box of 12 doughnuts from Greggs for my work and the bird asked if I’m sitting in or taking away 😭😭


    I could get hit by a bus and die and my mum would blame my death on the lip filler I got 7 months ago


    Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy.... Not me.... What the actual fuck was going through my drunken mind 😂😂😂


    I was getting ready today and took a photo of my hair to show a friend, and realised after I hit send that my bare arse was shown because of the angle I took the pic. So yeah, today I sent accidentally sent a nude to someone.



    I’m still creasing at when a guy asked me for directions at Westfield, saw that I was wearing Nike trainers with Adidas joggers, and said “you’re obviously lost in your own life, I’ll figure this one out on my own” and left 😭😭😭


    walking into my room and throwing my cup of tea on the bed instead of my phone just sums my life up really


    When you're on a school trip but haven't got a partner so you just walk near people


    british culture is singing along to the backing guitars as if its lyrics


    *stubs out cigarette* Well, student finance england, where do i begin?


    Hate these wee pricks , actual sit on yer plate n laugh at ye cos yer dinner is shite


    When you spill your sports direct mug.


    Would be nice if the clocks went back about 10 years so I could sort my life out



    oh aye course i wanna smell like a courteeners gig


    you know how UK fashion brands sell t-shirts with like “chicago” and “phoenix” and “ ILLINOIS” printed on them do you reckon US brands sell clothes with like “W I G A N” and “𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓽𝓱” on or what


    no millennial has all 5 - savings - their own place - zero mental illness - a complete understanding of what happened in the movie ‘inception’ - a healthy relationship with alcohol


    Imagine coming to wetherspoons dressed as one of the plates...


    other people wearing double denim: - cool - 90s vibes me wearing double denim: - young farm boy with a secret - passion for manure - yee in the streets, haw in the sheets


    Was so bloated on the plane home from Ibiza the girl next to me asked me when I was due so I just went along with it and said oh March to save her the embarrassment and this bitch really had the audacity to say oh looks like it’s gonna be a big baby you’re not that far along🙃🙃


    1) that's the worst hing AV saw 2) that's ment to be me 3) THATS NO MA DATE OF BIRTH 4) that's Ma da's leg