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15 British Tweets That Made Me Laugh This Week

"Leaving the Royal Family seems slightly easier than cancelling a BT Sport contract."


Reading Mog to my kid and just to say I’ve always loved this. The burglar gets busted but he still gets a cup of tea. No need to be uncivil about things.


Still haunted by my GCSE German speaking exam when the examiner asked what I liked doing and I said reading and she asked what books I liked and I panicked and said the name of the only book I knew the title of in German. Yeah, that one.


why is the best story of 2020 being ignored, is what i want to know


Just got home to find my wife watching Teddy Sheringham dressed as a tree singing Evergreen by Will Young in front of a judging panel including Mr Chow from the Hangover. This is 2020. We are so f***ed 🤣🤣🤣


I’m so jealous of people outside of Britain that have no idea what Sainsbury’s is because it’s fully ruined it for me


Why was every school disco DJ like this


A short story about how Rob Kardashian is like the painting in Dorian Gray and every time one of his sisters gets lip-fillers he withers in the attic that they hide him in.



Leaving the Royal Family seems slightly easier than cancelling a BT Sport contract.


At my funeral I want the priest to read out a long bit about how much I loved darts. I don’t love darts but my family and friends will be like “wow we never really knew him”.


be honest lads why r u all actually like this


the idea in my head vs. when I write it down



chumbawamba: we'll be singing, when we're winning british public: omg that is so us 😂


hiya. just a little reminder: this is against our t&cs