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    17 Times Archie Andrews From "Riverdale" Was Literally The Worst

    Jughead might be a Serpent, but Archie's the real snake.

    1. When he took his problems waaay too seriously.

    Veronica: my dad is in prison and my mom is conducting an illegal activity Betty: I think my parents are murderers and are in a blood feud with another family Jughead: I'm homeless and my dad is a part of a notorious criminal gang Archie: I wanna sing and play football!

    This was all a bit High School Musical. I mean, It's 2018, you can sing and play football.

    2. When he sold his guitar to buy Miss Grundy a bow for her cello.

    3. Then the many, many, times he acted like a fuckboy.

    4. Exhibit A: the time that he dropped Veronica as his singing partner, because he found a ~better option~.

    He sure knows how to make a girl feel special.

    5. Exhibit B: when he told Betty he loved her, but he just couldn't be with her.

    This is a modern take on the "it's not you, it's me" line. The classic fuckboy motto.

    6. But he was lowkey jealous when Betty and Jughead got together.

    7. Let's not forget the time he kissed Cheryl while he was going out with Val.

    8. He also cancelled 4th of July plans with his bestie to ~hang out~ with his teacher.

    9. Archie was basically responsible for breaking up the Pussycats.

    Not only is he a total fuckboy, but he's also the Yoko of Riverdale.

    10. He also acted like a total dick when Veronica didn't say "I love you" back to him.

    Maybe he wasn't being unreasonable here. I mean, who wouldn't wouldn't be in love with a guy that spends 24/7 sucking up to their dad? Every girl's dream.

    11. But he was officially crowned ~fuckboy of the year~ when he kissed Betty.

    12. Archie went on and on about his passion for music, only to completely change his ambitions to impress Hiram Lodge.

    13. Let's not forget the time that he accepted a free car from Hiram, when he knew his dad wanted to fix up an old car with him.

    14. The whole Red Circle thing.

    15. When he tried to be a bad boy...

    16. And it ended up going terribly, terribly wrong.

    17. And finally, when he did whatever this was.

    Let's just hope we see more of the lovable Archie in Season 3, because theres only so much more of fuckboy Archie we can take.