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    18 Struggles Every Ambivert Has Definitely Faced

    If you're a little bit introverted and a little bit extroverted, this ones for you.

    1. Your level of outgoingness varies from day to day, so you never really know what to expect.

    2. When you're around new people, you can find yourself being really quiet and shy.

    3. But get you around your friends and there's really no shutting you up.

    4. As a result, your friends are a bit confused by you.

    5. If you're with people you know, you don't mind being the centre of attention, but in any other situation, you ~dread~ it.

    6. You probably have a huge group of friends, but you sometimes find that too much quality time can be draining.

    7. When you take a moment to recharge, people start to worry why you're being so quiet.

    8. And after making a huge deal about wanting to spend time alone, you can actually end up feeling pretty bored.

    9. You most likely have a love-hate relationship with group chats.

    10. And flirting ~successfully~ is something that is virtually impossible for ambiverts.

    11. You love celebrating your birthday, but the part where everyone stares at you while you blow your candles out is really stressful.

    12. Even though you're not a complete wallflower, you can sometimes find it tricky to assert yourself.

    13. You like making new friends, but you always worry about those inevitable awkward silences.

    14. And sometimes, people can mistake you for being an extrovert and throw you into situations where you have no idea what to do.

    15. You often find yourself completely torn between going out with friends, and staying home alone.

    16. Because you're constantly searching for the right balance between being sociable and being alone, you overthink absolutely everything.

    17. If you do go out, half the time you end up wishing you stayed at home.

    18. But if you stay at home, you normally end up with a serious case of FOMO.

    But even though being an ambivert is a bit of a rollercoaster, you really get the best of both worlds!