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    15 Things That'll Be Way Too Familiar If You Have A Young Face

    "You look so good for your age!" *rolls eyes*

    1. When you go out, you're always the only one to get carded

    wonderfullwoomen / Via

    2. You usually get this response whenever you answer a door...

    just post / Via

    3. You hesitate walking by high schools during school hours

    Disney / Via

    "Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

    4. You avoid onesies, loose clothes, and cartoon-printed clothing because you know they'll make you look even younger / Via giphy

    5. People constantly ask you what school you go to

    asaprocky / Via

    6. You're always described as "cute"

    jessica booth / Via

    7. You order off the kid's menu and nobody questions you

    thequirkycottage / Via giphy

    8. Significantly younger guys/girls hit on you

    new york cl1che / Via

    9. When you go out with your younger sibling, everyone assumes you're dating

    NBC / Via giphy

    10. And when a group of kids gets on the train, you blend right in

    beanbag love / Via

    11. When you meet a new person at the office they usually ask "Are you the intern?"

    NBC / Via

    12. Or when you're the teacher, but they think you're the student...

    gfycat handmade / Via

    13. People often think your legitimate ID is fake

    givemebackmyson / Via

    14. Younger kids treat you like their peer

    digitalndesign / Via

    "But you're not REALLY 30..."

    15. And your family never buys you age-appropriate presents because at the end of the day, even THEY can't remember how old you are


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