15 Things That'll Be Way Too Familiar If You Have A Young Face

    "You look so good for your age!" *rolls eyes*

    1. When you go out, you're always the only one to get carded

    2. You usually get this response whenever you answer a door...

    3. You hesitate walking by high schools during school hours

    4. You avoid onesies, loose clothes, and cartoon-printed clothing because you know they'll make you look even younger

    5. People constantly ask you what school you go to

    6. You're always described as "cute"

    7. You order off the kid's menu and nobody questions you

    8. Significantly younger guys/girls hit on you

    9. When you go out with your younger sibling, everyone assumes you're dating

    10. And when a group of kids gets on the train, you blend right in

    11. When you meet a new person at the office they usually ask "Are you the intern?"

    12. Or when you're the teacher, but they think you're the student...

    13. People often think your legitimate ID is fake

    14. Younger kids treat you like their peer

    15. And your family never buys you age-appropriate presents because at the end of the day, even THEY can't remember how old you are

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