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    • Hamranhansenhansen

      You know what? There is nothing worse than a US American complaining about other country’s prisoners WHEN THE UNITED STATES LEADS THE WORLD IN POLITICAL PRISONERS. The title of your article should be “1 Million US Political Prisoners Spending The Holidays In Jail.” And that is just the marijuana users (political crime) and they disproportionately include Americans with darker skin (politically unpopular) who are selectively prosecuted as part of the legacy of institutional (political) racism in the United States. Take the plank out of your own eye instead of talking about the splinter in someone else’s eye.

    • Hamranhansenhansen

      If you think the iPhone was not original, that is crazy. The introduction blew people’s minds. If you think iPhone should not be patented, that is crazy. It has been widely and blatantly copied by advertisers (who seek to run ads on iPhone clones) and giant phone carriers (who seek to give away cheap iPhone clones so they can charge an arm and a leg for service) and by rival electronics companies who have not created anything new in decades. If you think Apple is a troll, that is crazy. They invented pretty much everything of value in personal computing since 1977. Apple PC is 1977, IBM PC is 1982. Apple DOS is 1978, IBM/MS-DOS is 1982. Apple windowing OS is 1982, Microsoft Windows is 1993. Etc. etc. etc. Drug patents are the absolute worst. New drugs are made not based on how much humanity needs them, but based on how patentable they are. The patent restricts the drug not just to one company, but also to their own tiny, exclusive, high-paying market. That is why India had to ban drug patents — so they could make and distribute common and essential drugs that the patent owners were not interested in making in India. Drug manufacture can recoup its investments by selling to governments who use the drugs to save lives. Once again, the bizarre and unique private US medical system is simply artificial and deadly, responsible for an incredible amount of human suffering. Further, drug patents cause massive drug companies to work to ban marijuana and other herbal medicines — that they can’t patent — and replace then with terrible synthetic, patentable “medicines” with awful side effects. People who in 1913 would have drank cannabis tea for depression are in 2013 taking Paxil and throwing themselves off of buildings. So if you want to argue against patent trolls and their spurious make-nothing patents, you really did your article a terrible disservice by losing focus and including Apple (who are the opposite of a patent troll — they continually invent and make and broadly sell new technology direct to consumers who immediately benefit from it and they are broadly ripped-off by copycats — and by using killer drug patents as an example of patents working.

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