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    When Pugs Rule The World

    Mondays and Halloween are out. Steak, treats, and bipartisanship are in. And the world will be far, far cuter.

    There Will Be No Mondays

    Halloween Will Be Cancelled

    Pugs Will Be Revered By All Other Dogs

    Pug Stuffed Animals Will Be Everywhere

    The Pet Store Will Stay Open All Night

    They Will Never Take Away The Corn

    There Will Be No Such Thing As The "Cone Zone"

    Napping Will Be The National Sport

    Celebrities Will Stop Us In the Streets (What up Snoop??)

    There Will Be Bipartisanship

    Getting Sick Will Be Insanely Cute

    There Will Be No Limits On Treat Consumption

    Santa Will Come Many Times a Year

    We Will Not Be Teased For Carrying Stuffed Animals On Our Heads

    We Will Not Wear Silly Jackets

    Each Meal Will Include Steak (Prepared Rare)