• 1. Crappy Charlie Brown Ghost

    Have you ever seen “It’s the great pumpkin Charlie brown”? He never got laid with this costume and neither will you.

  • 2. Poo

    Most people don’t like their own poo. Why would they want to touch someone dressed as someone else’s poo?

  • 3. The Used Pad

    Don’t be this guy

  • 4. Genitals

    You’re just telling the world what a dick you are or vagina if that’s the costume you chose.

  • 5. Austin Powers

    No, baby!

  • 6. Anyone From Star Trek

    Everyone knows that Star Wars is cooler. A good stormtrooper costume will get you a solid hour in the sack.

  • 7. Insect

    Nobody likes bugs

  • 8. Ben Roethlisberger

    Please refer to #3