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8 Costumes That Probably Won't Get You Laid

You might think it's funny but chances are everyone else thinks you're an ass and will refuse to sleep with you. Avoid these costumes if you would like someone to see your genitals on Halloween.

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  • 1. Crappy Charlie Brown Ghost

    Have you ever seen "It's the great pumpkin Charlie brown"? He never got laid with this costume and neither will you.

  • 2. Poo

    Most people don't like their own poo. Why would they want to touch someone dressed as someone else's poo?

  • 3. The Used Pad

    Don't be this guy

  • 4. Genitals

    You're just telling the world what a dick you are or vagina if that's the costume you chose.

  • 5. Austin Powers

    No, baby!

  • 6. Anyone From Star Trek

    Everyone knows that Star Wars is cooler. A good stormtrooper costume will get you a solid hour in the sack.

  • 7. Insect

    Nobody likes bugs

  • 8. Ben Roethlisberger

    Please refer to #3