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    Here's Some Activewear That Will Make You Stop Using The Word Athleisure Ironically

    Turns out athletic wear isn't just for rich mums.

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    It's almost summer, which means the weather is getting warmer and regular clothes are becoming more and more uncomfortable.


    This means a lot of us are turning to ~athleisure~ to keep ourselves from turning into sweaty, hot messes.

    The Tornante Company

    Here are some ADORABLE workout pieces I found that you should 100% add to your wardrobe this spring.

    1. This PUMA hoodie that is cropped at the perfect length.


    PRICE: Starting from $42.52.

    2. These Nike leggings that will keep you sweat free, no matter how long that hike (or shopping trip) is.


    PRICE: Starting from $27.47.

    3. This high neck sports bra that can definitely double as a crop top.

    @lornajaneactive / Via Instagram: @lornajaneactive

    PRICE: Starting from $19.79.

    4. These Adidas shorts that are perfect for running — or lounging, if that's more your speed.


    PRICE: Starting from $25.

    5. This sports bra that will give you the finesse of a race car driver.

    @lornajaneactive / Via Instagram: @lornajaneactive

    PRICE: Starting from $20.98.

    6. This Nike jacket that would look good with literally anything in your closet.


    PRICE: Starting from $32.31.

    7. These Puma sweatpants, which are as sleek as they are comfortable.


    PRICE: Starting from $32.65.

    8. This tank top that will ensure you don't overheat the next time you're off for a run.


    PRICE: Starting from $35.87.

    9. This hella cute t-shirt that you could get away with wearing to work.


    PRICE: Starting from $21.35.

    10. These moon-themed leggings, for when you're more invested in moon cycles than cycling.

    @onzie / Via Instagram: @onzie

    PRICE: Starting from $44.79.

    11. This weatherproof jacket that not only looks trendy, but will keep you dry.


    PRICE: Starting from $30.36.

    12. This patterned sports bra that would look lush no matter whether you were working out or going for brunch.

    @lornajaneactive / Via Instagram: @lornajaneactive

    PRICE: Starting from $43.77.

    13. This sweat-proof shirt that could easily be paired with some mum jeans for a casual ~lewk~.


    PRICE: Starting from $14.04.

    14. This gorgeous sports bra, which you could also probably get away with wearing to be beach tbh.

    @lornajaneactive / Via Instagram: @lornajaneactive

    PRICE: Starting from $18.30.

    15. And finally, this bell-sleeved shirt which can be chucked over any outfit when you need to pop to the shops after a gym sesh.


    PRICE: Starting from $39.59.

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