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    15 Things That Will Make Self-Proclaimed Witches Screech In Excitement

    These are sure to ~bubble~ your cauldron.

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    Halloween season is almost upon us, which means it's an incredibly exciting time for witches, such as myself.

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    🎵 This is Halloween, HALLOWEEN, Halloween. 🎵

    And with Friday the 13th right around the corner, here are some spooky items to get you in the mood.

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    These are sure to ~bubble~ your cauldron.

    1. This Rogue + Wolf mug to get you up in the morning when you're feeling your witchy worst.


    It's depths are as dark as your soul (and as black as you probably like your coffee).

    PRICE: $32.00

    2. This tarot-themed shower curtain, so you can remind yourself that your spirit guides are always with you.


    "Show I wash my hair today? Spirit guides say no, so I guess not." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    PRICE: $45.99

    3. This book on modern tarot, which will help you understand what "The Moon" card actually means.

    @michelleteaz / Via Instagram: @michelleteaz

    These are usually a hell of a lot more helpful than the books that come with decks.

    PRICE: $19.99 on Kindle or $30.95 for a paperback copy.

    4. This tarot deck, so you can make sure you're on the right track when life gets overwhelming.


    Find a deck that really compliments your aesthetic and use it to live your best life.

    PRICE: $41.73 for a deck and guidance book.

    5. This animal spirit deck in case you want your readings to have more depth.


    Or you can use this baby each morning to find out which animal you should channel.

    PRICE: $44.07

    6. Or if you're not super into tarot, this moonology oracle deck helps you harness the moon's natural magic when you need some guidance.


    Because we all need a little extra help sometimes, and who knows us better than the moon?!

    PRICE: $20.35

    7. This beautiful satin pouch to keep your cards safe from negative energy (and damage).


    Honestly, the last thing you want in life is an angry tarot deck.

    PRICE: $22.96

    8. These white sage bundles to cleanse your space of negative energy (and demons).


    You can also use the sage to cleanse your tarot cards every once in a while.

    PRICE: $16.08 for three bundles.

    9. A cauldron-shaped smudge stick holder so that you don't burn your house down while you're trying to cleanse your space.


    And what's more witchy than owning a cauldron-shaped anything?

    PRICE: $27.60

    10. And while you're at it, these sustainably harvested palo santo smudging sticks to cleanse yourself of negative vibes.


    It's said that palo santo brings good fortune and healing — when you're open to its magic, of course.

    PRICE: $21.10 for about 18-25 sticks.

    11. This ouija patch, in case you're ever down for a chat with some spirits.


    Patches need to make a proper comeback. I will live, die on and haunt this hill.

    PRICE: $13.01

    12. This collection of crystals if you've decided to experiment with their ~magical~ abilities.


    Crystals are pretty AND have healing properties. Make sure you cleanse them each full moon by placing them outside or on a windowsill to absorb the moons energies!

    PRICE: $53.47 for amethyst, clear quartz, pink quartz, black obsidian, green fluorite, lapis lazuli and rainbow fluorite (seven crystals total).

    13. This luggage cover so that you can take your love of all things spooky on international trips.


    An added bonus is that your checked baggage will never be hard to spot in a crowd.

    PRICE: $36.00

    14. This dream journal so that you can analyse strange and vivid dreams.

    @caitlin_keegan / Via Instagram: @caitlin_keegan

    This could also help you lucid dream, if that's what you desire!

    PRICE: $24.32

    15. And finally, a pendulum for when you want to communicate with your local Casper.


    If you've ever been around or used one of these, you'll know that they're scarily accurate.

    PRICE: $30.93

    Happy Friday the 13th, coven!


    Be sure to show your local black cats (and stray ladders) a lot of extra love this Friday.