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    When The Boredom Begins Creeping In, Try These 7 Ways To Block It Out

    Finally, a platform where I can watch weird and interesting films.

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    1. Watch Never Have I Ever.


    I admittedly was a little late to watch this show, but oh boy, when I did, I was mad at myself for not doing so sooner. I binged the entire series in one night and each episode made me sob, shriek or scream in one way or another.

    The show follows the life of an Indian-American teen, Devi, who went through a traumatic experience and tries her best to avoid dealing with the emotions that came with it. As a brown Australian, I probably related to her far more than what a 20-something-year-old should relate to a teenager, but I have no regrets.

    Watch it on Netflix.

    2. Read The Years Of Rice and Salt.

    Tom Scott / BuzzFeed

    "The Years of Rice and Salt is an alternate history based off the premise that the Black Plague in the 14th century killed 99% of Europe instead of a third. It follows different characters in China, the Middle East and India over the centuries that followed, revealing how the world would have coped. The themes explored are love, religion, culture, politics and technological advancement. It's a super interesting read for the time we're going through now and deep dives on cultures around the world, which I hadn't really been exposed to until I read the book."

    Tom Scott.

    Buy the paperback edition from Amazon Australia for $24.08.

    3. Check out Spamflix.


    Think of Spamflix as Netflix for cult films. If you're someone who thoroughly enjoys interesting and diverse titles that will make you think, you'll love this platform. It's full of never before seen cult movies that may have appeared during the festival circuit, but were never distributed on mainstream platforms. It's especially perfect if you're someone who's perused all the traditional streaming platforms and want something a little different.

    Rent a film on Spamflix for $6.

    4. Make sourdough bread from scratch.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed, Tasty

    My colleagues at Tasty took the time to reveal to us how to make delicious, crusty, fresh sourdough as a beginner. The process is a little time consuming, but if you're a huge bread lover like myself, you'll be willing to make time. The process also requires a few things like a bread proofer, so if you don't have one of those you can grab one online.

    See the recipe by Tasty here.

    5. Download The Pattern.

    The Pattern

    If you're someone who is interested in astrology and horoscopes and you don't have The Pattern downloaded, you need to get on it. It's like Costar, if Costar knew all your deepest, darkest hopes, fears and secrets. The bizarrely accurate tidbits will make you think it's somehow implanted itself into your mind to eject information you've never told anyone and the entire experience is beautiful, albeit, scary as.

    Download it on the App store or the Google Play store.

    6. Listen to Uncover Season 1 — Escaping NXIVM.


    "This podcast had me hooked immediately and I binged it in two days. If you're into cults, or intrigued by them, you'll enjoy this absolutely wild ride that sucks you into a whole other world."

    Sohan Judge.

    Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify.

    7. Follow FlexMami (@flex.mami) on Instagram.

    @flexmami / Via

    If you're looking for a mix of female empowerment, gorgeous visuals and aesthetic AF DIYs, you should absolutely be following Flex on Instagram. She's the Australian half of the Bobo and Flex podcast and everything I aspire to be as a human. Late last year, she blessed us all with a self development card game called REFLEX, which is all about critical thinking, self-awareness and analysis. Each card will encourage you to sit and think about your own decision making and morals, so if you're all about growth, you'll love them.

    When you're done scrolling through Flex's Instagram and falling in love with her, check out her store too!

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