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    18 Things Anyone Obsessed With Stationery Should Own

    "A new pack of pens will surely increase my productivity levels" — the title to my memoir.

    1. This beyond adorable cat sticky note dispenser.

    2. These dual brush pens so that you can draw aesthetic illustrations, mark out plans in your bullet journal or practise calligraphy.

    3. This marble stationary that will make every note you write marginally more elegant.

    4. This pack of assorted adorable sticky tape that can be used as an adorable decorating tool, or to stick things up.

    5. This Harry Potter themed pen that will give you something to daydream about the next time you're procrastinating.

    6. This set of 12 crystal pens that will make you feel like the queen you are, no matter how atrocious your handwriting is.

    7. This donut sketch pad that actually smells like a donut.

    8. These turtle themed thank you cards that anyone would love to receive, even if the thank you is months too late.

    9. This "together" sticker you can use to personalise stationary you already own.

    10. These rose gold paper clips that won't hold your life together, but will, at the very least, organise your notes.

    11. This whale shaped tape dispenser that's just so much more fun to look at than a regular tape dispenser.

    12. This skull shaped desk organiser that is an elegant way to show off your gothic energy.

    13. This clip-on koala pen that is also a squishy, so you can ease your anxiety while taking notes on the go.

    14. These magnetic bookmarks because any bookworm knows that doggy earring a book should be considered a felony.

    15. This spiral notebook that looks like something out of your wildest dreams.

    16. This animal pod pencil case that is not only perfect for holding your stationery, but can also turn into a pen stand.

    17. This one-line-a-day memory journal, which is perfect if you love the idea of journaling, but don't have the time.

    18. And finally, this set of memo pads that are guaranteed to keep you motivated.

    You on your way to be productive AF with all your new stationery:

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