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    If You're Bored Out Of Your Mind, Try These Ways To Entertain Yourself

    Another week, another bunch of amazing distractions.

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    1. Watch Undone.

    Amazon Prime Video

    I watched Undone with a friend in LA and the storyline, animation style and acting has stuck with me ever since. The series takes you on many twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more information. With that being said, it is a very easy show to binge and I almost regretting doing so. My advice? Try and pace yourself, so you can savour each episode.

    Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

    If you don't currently have Prime, get yourself a 30 day free trial just by signing up for an account.

    2. Read You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes.

    @carolinekepnes / Via

    If you're a fan of thrillers, crime and horror, You may seem like an odd choice, but just trust me on this one. The story is told from Joe Goldberg's perspective and is not only engaging, but will have you laughing along with someone who's fundamentally not a good person — which will have you questioning your own morals and ethics. Kepnes does an excellent job at coaxing you to sympathise with the protagonist, when in reality, you'd absolutely end up being one of his victims.

    When you're done reading the books, I absolutely recommend the Netflix series based on it. If you have seen the series and therefore aren't interested in the books, you're missing out. There are obviously similarities, but I honestly believe the show and the books could stand alone as excellent pieces of content.

    Buy the paperback edition from Amazon Australia for $14.50 or the Kindle Edition for $9.99.

    You can also listen to it on Audible here.

    3. Check out Kast, then make an account.


    It has been incredibly difficult finding an online platform where I can not only interact with my local friends in a fun and entertaining way, but also my buddies all around the globe. And Kast has, hands down, been the easiest way to do it — especially for watch parties. You and your friends can all join the room, then one of you can screen share and play movies on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or any other streaming platform, so that the lot of you can watch together. I can't recommend this enough!

    Check out Kast here!

    4. Try making Dalogna style Milo.


    My colleague Ryan, who's a Tasty producer, decided to try his hand at making whipped Milo based on the whole Dalogna trend because he doesn't drink coffee. The video is hilarious, but I can only imagine how DELICIOUS this drink would be with Milo and I'm thrilled that he tried it. To be honest, I'm probably going to add a shot of espresso to mine, but I'll definitely be heading to the shops and grabbing the ingredients to make my own.

    You can watch his video making it, as well as how to make it, right here!

    5. Play Azul with your self-isolation buddies.

    BuzzFeed / Abigail Molloy

    Promising Review: "This boardgame is just so beautiful. It's a really simple strategy game where you try and accumulate as many points as you can by filling in a board with colourful tiles. The tiles have some beautiful patterns and are a really pleasing weight. Honestly, the whole game is just very aesthetically pleasing! You can even play it with just two people, which is great! It's also very calming and is quick to pick up, but hard to put down."

    Abigail Molloy

    Buy it from The Gamesmen for $64.95.

    6. Listen to the Bobo and Flex podcast.

    @boboandflex / Via

    Promising Review: "Listening to Bobo and Flex is like having a deep, though-provoking conversation with your friends filled with laughs and hot takes. They delve into topics like capitalism, problematic boys, climate change anxiety and psychology. It's the highlight of my week tbh."

    Sohan Judge

    Listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify and anywhere else podcasts are available.

    7. And finally, Follow Georgia Treloar (@george_draws) on Instagram.

    @george_draws / Via Instagram: @

    Located in Western Australia, George is a graphic artist who I was following before the world descended into madness. Her most recent posts feature designs focusing on the pandemic and the need to stay indoors and flatten the curve. They're also incredibly aesthetic and I love to see them on my Instagram feed.

    When you're done perusing Georgia's gorgeous designs on her Instagram, purchase some prints or originals from her store.

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