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    This Mug Will Keep Your Tea Piping Hot, No Matter How Cold It Is Outside

    A gift from the heavens and nothing less.

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    Attention all hot beverage lovers, I have the most game-changing item for you all to froth over.

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    Feel free to froth, drool or screech in excitement.

    Allow me to introduce you to the Ember Mug. A mug that will literally keep your drink hot and ready for you to enjoy at all times.


    That's right, it'll keep your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever your bevvy-of-choice is at your desired temperature, between 50 degrees and 62.5 degrees.

    If you're the kind of person who'll make yourself a hot drink and then completely forget about it, you can finally kiss goodbye to the chilling experience of returning to a lukewarm cuppa.


    Don't pretend this isn't you, this is all of us.

    Or, if you're just someone who likes to enjoy their drinks extra hot at all times, you're about to find your new regular beverage vessel.


    Honestly, what more could you ask for.

    Each time you charge the mug, you'll be blessed with an hour of piping hot goodness.

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    And when you use it with the included coaster, you can enjoy the unbelievable comfort of a hot drink all-day.

    You can control the mugs temperature with an app on your phone, which also allows you to customise presets and receive notifications. From your MUG.


    If this isn't the height of beverage technology, I don't know what is.

    It's hand washable and made from stainless steel then coated in ceramic to keep it from getting too many scratch marks.


    Which means your favourite mug will remain looking beautiful and last even longer.

    I can say with all of my heart that if you're a coffee lover, an avid tea drinker or even know one, you need to have this mug in your life.


    Try it for yourself, then tell me how much you love it below.

    Get the mug and the recharging coaster from Amazon Australia for $79.95.